27 Cool Hair Ties To Make Your Ponytail Next Level

For the longest time, I hated wearing my hair up. I felt unfeminine and boring, only doing these hairstyles to go to the gym or if my hair was super greasy. Since discovering that cool hair ties can take my ponytail from boring to an actual look, wearing my hair up is fun in a way it never was before. Experimenting with looks and incorporating interesting hair ties has opened up a whole new world of hairstyles to me. Now playing with my hair is just as fun as picking out my outfit for the day.

If you've been avoiding embracing the pony for the same reasons as I was, I hope this list of potential hair tie buys convinces you otherwise. With summer coming up, don't you want a more stylish way of wearing all your hair off your face? Exactly.

But be warned, collecting cute hair ties can quickly become an addiction — just ask my box full of them in the corner of my dressing table. Still, it's an investment and it always pays to have options. One day I might want flowery kitsch and another I may want a chic metal band. Either way, I'm sorted and with these recommendations — and you can be too.

1. Floral Hair Tie

Floral Hair Tie, $2, Forever 21

Summer's coming and if there's any season to tie your hair up for, it's that one. Floral hair ties make any outfit that much more festive.

2. Rainbow Retro Hair Ties

Rainbow Retro Hair Ties, $5, Etsy

Relive your '90s hair styles with these super cute rainbow hair ties.

3. Spike Circle Hair Tie

Spike Circle Hair Tie, $8, ASOS

A spiky hair tie to add some literal edge to your ponytail.

4. Easter Bunny Ears Hair Scrunchie

Easter Bunny Ears Hair Scrunchie, $5, Claires

This scrunchie is too cute and not just limited to Easter IMO.

5. Pom Pom Hair Ties

Pom Pom Hair Ties, $12, Top Shop

Pom poms were on everything last year, from shoes, to sweaters, to jewelry. So it only makes sense to bring the trend back this spring with hair tie pom poms.

6. Ombre Hair Ties

Ombre Hair Ties, $2, Forever 21

A more subtle hair tie that may get hidden by your pony, but still way cuter than a neutral toned hair tie.

7. Bambi Deer Button Hair Ties

Bambi Deer Button Hair Ties, $5, Etsy

If you're going to throwback to your childhood with your ponytail, you might as well go the whole hog and feature your favorite Disney film whilst you're at it.

8. Chevron Hair Tie

Chevron Hair Tie, $8, ASOS

Chevron print always reminds me of Twin Peaks. In preparation for the show's revival, invest in a subtle chevron hair tie to represent your Twin Peaks love.

9. Eyelet Trim Chiffon Scrunchie

Eyelet Trim Chiffon Scrunchie, $4, Claires

This scrunchie is also available in white and coral and will make any ponytail look super cute and sweet.

10. Avocado Hair Ties

Avocado Hair Ties, $15, Top Shop

With matching barrettes, these hair ties are perfect for representing Instagram's favorite food.

11. Glitter Hair Ties

Glitter Hair Ties, $2, Forever 21

Add a bit of sparkle to your hair with these simple glitter hair ties.

12. Felt Kitten Hair Tie

Felt Kitten Hair Tie, $8, Etsy

A super cute, handmade addition for your hair tie collection.

13. Fluorescent Yellow Hair Scrunchie

Fluorescent Yellow Hair Scrunchie, $6, American Apparel

Represent the rave with this fun scrunchie. It'll be perfect for any festivals you're attending this year.

14. Gold Leaf Hair Tie

Gold Leaf Hair Tie, $8, ASOS

A subtle and elegant addition to your bun or ponytail.

15. Sequin Bow Hair Tie

Sequin Bow Hair Tie, $10, Claires

If you're as in love with the garishly tacky as I am, this bow is perfect for your ponytail.

16. Fast Food Hair Ties

Fast Food Hair Ties, $12, Top Shop

Special shout out to my bad fast food habits with this kitschy hair tie pack.

17. Faux Pearl Hair Tie Set

Faux Pearl Hair Tie Set, $3, Forever 21

Give off some real Breakfast At Tiffany's vibes with this chic pearl set of hair ties.

18. Disco Ball Hair Ties

Disco Ball Hair Ties, $0.72, Etsy

Another '90s throwback which would be perfect for a '90s themed club night. (Or any club night, TBH.)

19. Triangle Ponytail Tie

Triangle Ponytail Tie, $26, ASOS

I feel like enough time has passed since hipsters ruined triangles for them to come back into style again.

20. Telephone Cord Hair Ties

Telephone Cord Hair Ties, $5, Claires

My mom has thin hair and swears by this style of hair tie for not only protecting your hair but for keeping your pony in place throughout the day.

21. Weekday Hair Ties

Weekday Hair Ties, $15, Top Shop

Don't worry about having to come up with a new ponytail look for every day of the week — these adorable hair ties have you covered.

22. Faux Fur Scrunchie

Faux Fur Scrunchie, $3, Forever 21

Why not match your fur coat to your hairstyle?

23. Gingham Bow Hair Tie

Gingham Bow Hair Tie, $3, Etsy

A super kitschy accessory to tie any trashy, tacky, or kitsch look together.

24. Velvet Scrunchie

Velvet Scrunchie, $6, American Apparel

Also available in black, in case your all black everything style extends to your hair accessories.

25. Stone Hair Ties

Stone Hair Ties, $7, ASOS

Matching your hair accessories to your jewelry is the next level in chicness, IMO.

26. Ice Cream Cone Hair Tie Holder

Ice Cream Cone Hair Tie Holder, $5, Claires

Not only do you get a good amount of hair ties, but the holder for these hair ties is too cute to not mention on this list.

27. PU Scrunchie

PU Scrunchie, $8, Top Shop

This leather look scrunchie is edgy all in itself, pair it with a fashion sports jersey for an effortlessly cool look.

If you're not converted to the ponytail life by now, I don't know what else I can do. Except buy all these hair ties and rock some awesome hairstyles over the next coming months.

Images: Courtesy of Brands