What Your Hair Tie Says About You

Whether you're a scruchie fan or a clear elastic type, the hair tie choice we make to secure our ponytail can say a lot about our personalities. You know, on the occasions you can actually find one. Seriously, you know it's going to be a good day when you don't have to spend half of your morning hunting for a hair band. Somehow they mysteriously disappear on what seems like an hourly basis, as if they grow legs and walk away just when we need them most. But I digress!

Your go-to hair tie tells it all, whether you choose them to make a statement or you're all about practicality. Just like your favorite character from Saved By The Bell and the Hogwarts house you should be in, your choice in hair ties can be incredibly revealing. Even if you think you don't, well, put much thought into it. That pack of plain black elastics is just as much a window to your soul as a mult-pack of glittery butterfly clips. From the classics to the wildly modern, find out what your favorite ponytail holder may be letting on.

1. Basic Black

You may always sport a basic black hair tie, but you're far from basic. You're just a simple girl who likes to get straight to the point. Save the glitz and glam for someone else because it's just not you. You're a practical, no nonsense kind of girl who tends to shy away from the spotlight. You know you don't need all eyes on you to feel special.

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2. Fluorescent

You're a human firecracker who's always the life of the party. You're easy going and know how to keep cool under pressure. Your friends rely on you to loosen them up whenever it's been a rough day at work. Others tend to envy your ability to command attention as soon you enter a room. Your neon hair tie is just as bright as your bubbly personality.

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3. Patterned/Multicolored

Some may label you a busy bee, but it's just that you'd never be caught doing one thing for too long. Sure, your attention span may be a little short, but you've mastered the art of multitasking. You're a fun-loving girl with a great sense of humor whose hands are tied up in a little bit of everything.

Ouchless Elastics - Neon Zig Zag Swag,

4. Braided

Just like your neatly braided hair tie, you're a polished girl who likes to keep everything in order. Calling you a perfectionist is a bit of an understatement. If anyone fits the build for the tightly wound, highly organized, overachieving Type A personality, it's you. You're anti-chaos and if you're not careful, your anxiety can get the best of you.

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5. Glittered

You're basically the braided hair tie lover's arch-nemesis. Its useless to make plans with you because you prefer to improvise. You just roll with the punches and take on life's challenges with gusto. You're energetic. You're adventurous. Hell, you may just be a little crazy! You're friends think you're a bit of a show-off sometimes, but they know it's never a dull moment when you're around.

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6. Thick Terry

If a thick terry hair tie is your go-to, you're probably the definition of a sweetheart who enjoys caring for others. It's mystifying how selfless you are. No one can resist wanting to be around someone as down-to-earth as yourself. You're definitely the mother figure of your friend group, but in a "I always have snacks in my purse" way.

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7. Animal Print

You tend to do everything on a whim! Put you and a glittered hair tie lover together and the world just may implode. You're an unconventional thinker who always has wacky solutions to any problem. You're not afraid to be aggressive, and you own your sex appeal. You probably need to learn to put others first sometimes, as you tend to be a little self-centered. However, everyone admires you're carefree nature.

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8. Non-Slip

No-slip grip hair ties don't mess around— and neither do you! You definitely value logic over emotion. You're as stubborn as a bull and your strong will power is unbelievable. With standards as high as yours, it's nearly impossible to impress you. You like to be in control, but you can stand to loosen up a bit. You don't have to be serious all of the time.

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Next time you're tying up that pony, think about what your hair tie will say about you. You may just be revealing more about yourself than you think.

Images: Reza Vaziri/Flickr; Courtesy of Brands