11 Stylish Jerseys For Non-Football Fans

If you, like me, only like the Super Bowl for the halftime performances and the excuse to eat your weight in buffalo wings, then you probably don't support a team enough to shell out for its jersey. But a fashionable sports jersey? That's a different story. The athleisure trend will likely be going strong for as long as pop stars release shoe lines, so investing in a more fashion-forward sports jersey is definitely the more logical choice than opting for something you can only wear come game time. Plus, it will give you the perfect excuse to slob out in front of a TV all night while not being asked for your opinion on the actual game itself.

Some of my favorite jersey looks admittedly do take inspiration from football ones, which are undeniably a strong look in and of themselves. But they'll allow you to pay homage to your personal style in a way that's probably comfier and definitely cuter. And if any major Super Bowl fan has the guts to call you out, you can tell them that at least you've never cried over a football match. And even if you have, then at least you probably looked way cooler while doing it. Here are my favorite stylish jerseys for non football fans.

1. Varsity-Striped 18 Tee

Varsity-Striped 18 Tee, $15, Forever 21

This tee not only looks incredibly comfy, but it's the perfect lazy girl hack if you don't want to purchase a man's jersey.

2. Vintage '80s 49ers Jersey Tee

Vintage 80's 49ers Jersey Tee, $52, Tunnel Vision

We're well overdue an '80s style comeback at this point, and this is the perfect jersey to help you kickstart a new trend.

3. Navy Mesh Sports Jersey

Navy Mesh Sports Jersey, $31, Asos

This stylish jersey incorporates the mesh trend that's been everywhere lately, while not making you affiliate yourself with any specific sports team.

4. Women's Varsity T-Shirt

Women's Varsity T-Shirt, $15, Target

This simple take on the often overbearing brightness of actual sports jerseys could look effortlessly chic when paired with the right accessories.

5. 07 Color Block Maxi Dress

07 Color Block Maxi Dress, $11, Forever 21

For those among us who want to avoid jerseys and tees altogether, this simple maxi dress is perfect.

6. Plus Size Leather Jersey T-Shirt Dress

Plus Size Leather Jersey T-Shirt Dress, $35, Ready To Stare

This leather version of the traditional jersey style is perfect for going straight from pretending to watch the game to enjoying yourself at the club.

7. Vintage Renewed Sporty Spice Jersey

Vintage Renewed Sporty Spice Jersey, $28, Tunnel Vision

Because if something references The Spice Girls, you should buy it. Plus, that eyelet detailing is just plain awesome.

8. Cool 83 Graphic Top

Cool 83 Graphic Tee, $11, Forever 21

The clue's on the shirt. This tee is a très chic take on the jersey look.

9. Meaningful Meditation Top

Meaningful Meditation Top, $21, Modcloth

Another stripped-back take on the football jersey, this one recognizes the sport's influence while in no way making you seem like an actual fan of the game.

10. Brooklyn Nets Jersey Top

Brooklyn Nets Jersey Top, $9, Forever 21

Who doesn't love a crop top? This cropped jersey look offers the instant edginess needed for the athleisure trend.

11. Stripe Sleeve T-Shirt Dress

Stripe Sleeve T-Shirt Dress, $30, Missguided

T-shirt dresses are the ultimate in comfortable casual-wear and the jersey stripes mean you won't stick out too much amongst the football fans.

See? There are so many more options out there for Super Bowl fashion than simply borrowing your brother's ill-fitting jersey and trying to style it as well as possible.

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Images: Courtesy Brands