11 Ways ‘Fuller House’ Season 2 Can Redeem Steve & End His Creepy Behavior

My favorite thing about meeting the Tanner family again in Fuller House was that D.J. Fuller has become the world's dorkiest mom. It fit her so well, however, we have got to talk about her many boyfriends before the show returns to Netflix. Specifically, Steve has got to change in Fuller House Season 2 if he wants to be D.J.'s lover — I can make '90s references too, you know.

I can't lie, I was 'shipping D.J. and Matt the hot veterinarian for most of Season 1. He seemed down to Earth, while Steve seemed stuck in some cartoonish patterns from Full House. That said, I can't deny that there's something satisfying about two high school sweethearts rediscovering each other as adults and starting a new relationship. Heck, maybe I'm Team #NaughtyPlummer — who knows! At least Steve is the only adult man on this show that doesn't look like a literal model.

The important thing is that when Fuller House returns from Season 2, Steve gets a bit of a character makeover. A lot of the things about his character in the Netflix series that were played for laughs and gags would not fly in the real world. Here's what Steve needs to work on in Season 2.

1. Respect The Fact That D.J. Is A Widow

Right off the bat the show asked me to suspend my disbelief and it didn't work. Sure, D.J. is Steve's ex-girlfriend, but she just lost her husband. Maybe give her some time and space? I'm ultimately glad that Season 2 ended with Donna Jo realizing that she wasn't ready to start making such intense relationship decisions, but I'm worried that the show might drop this in Season 2.

2. Maybe Dress Up Like Aladdin Again

We could all use a reminder that Scott Weinger was the voice of Aladdin.

3. Turn Down The Creep Factor

There's no amount of nostalgia that can help me look past how possessive and weird Steve was around D.J. at pretty much all moments.

4. Stop Living In The Past

Steve's biggest "play" for D.J. is their romantic history, but who wants to go back to High School? They have plenty in common as adults. They're both in medicine, but different fields. Steve shouldn't have to revert to his teenage years to find common ground.

5. Learn How To Pour Wine

Remember the wine glass incident? On his date with D.J. he poured her glass all the way to the top despite her asking him not to, in an attempt to get her drunk. That's not great. That's not funny at all. Also, that's not classy! Pour a glass like a proper human.

6. Learn How To Dance

Seriously, if you want to get anywhere with the Tanners, you've got to work on your moves. That crew loves choreography.

7. Don't Be Jealous Of Matt

He was jealous of Matt before they had even starting dating again.

8. Continue To Be Bros With Matt

Why do we have to fight over romantic interests? Why can't we all be friends?

9. Stick To Your Strengths

Other than being a bigger dork than D.J. herself, the best thing about Steve is that he's great with Max and Jackson. I wish this had been addressed more in Season 1. That's what dating moms are looking for, at least a lot of the time!

10. Help With The Puppy

You know D.J. didn't want her kid to have that puppy dog in the first place. The least he could do is help out.

11. Stop Stealing Food

Come on, Steve! It was cute when you were a sophomore. Now I'm worried that you have a problem. If the Tanner-Fuller family is ever going to accept Steve in Fuller House Season 2, he might want to ditch his only flaw in their eyes.

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