'One Tree Hill's James Lafferty Reminiscing About The Series Will Warm Any Fan's Heart

Once a Tree Hill Raven, always a Tree Hill Raven. No statement resonates more with One Tree Hill fan than that. Because, whether you were a diehard devotee or a one-time watcher of the series, it's likely that no TV couple has had a bigger impact on your life than Nathan and Haley James Scott. From teen pregnancy to two weddings, multiple near-death experiences, one crazy nanny, and too many kidnappings to count, Nathan and Haley genuinely went through it all together on the show. It seems fans aren't alone in their love for the couple, either: While the teen drama came to an end after nine seasons in 2012, actor James Lafferty — who portrayed Nathan, one-half of the infamous couple — is apparently still remembering all the precious moments he shared with his TV wife Bethany Joy Lenz (aka Haley). In an interview with Us Weekly, Lafferty recalled his favorite Haley/Nathan plot on One Tree Hill , as well as talked about the couple in general. Trust me, guys — it will have you clutching your chest and sighing "aww" over and over again.

"I think the entire fifth season was my favorite because it was the first season that we saw [Nathan and Haley] with [their son] Jamie," Lafferty revealed. "It [was] exciting for me was to see how that changed the dynamic between Nathan and Haley and to see them play parents — to see [something] besides them in love. That was a new challenge. That fifth season was a really special time."


Isn't it amazing when stars remember your favorite roles that they played?

Anyway: Since leaving Tree Hill, the California native has been quite busy. Lafferty has since directed another one of OTH creator Mark Schwahn's shows, The Royals, and he recently starred in the film Waffle Street with Danny Glover. The 30-year-old also continues to star in another ensemble series, Underground.

Though Lafferty himself seems to be doing fine, he is still unsure as to where Nathan would be today: "I genuinely don't know, because in One Tree Hill, you never know. I mean, I could've never told you that I'd come back from — in Season 4, going into Season 5 — being in a wheelchair. So, who knows? Maybe he'd be a fighter pilot by now."

Who else needs a rewatch like literally right this second?

Images: Fred Norris/The CW; serenaswaldorf; miikaela/Tumblr