This Newest ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Photo Suggests That Gil Is Back, So Should We Expect A Hep Alien Reunion? — PHOTO

Hey, Hep Alien fans? This one is for you. (Wait, what is the name of the Hep Alien fandom? Is it The Hep Alien Association? The Hepsters? The Aliens? The Hep Heads? Eh, I’m going to run with Hep Heads for now. I hope that’s cool with everyone.) On Thursday, rock star Sebastian Bach posted a photo that he snapped on the Warner Bros lot. In said photo, we see the Skid Row frontman striking a majestic pose in front of a facade. Not just any facade, but a facade of a Stars Hollow-esque house. If this picture means what I think this picture means, buckle up, Hep Heads. Why? Because it looks like Gil (Bach) and Hep Alien will be in the Gilmore Girls revival. That's why.

Now, if this Hep Alien reunion does happen, will it be the complete Hep Alien reunion the world has been waiting for? Will all of the Hep Aliens be present and accounted for when the Gilmore Girls reboot hits Netflix? Sorry, Hep Heads. I wish I had an answer for you. Alas, I do not have one.

I hope this lovely picture of Sebastian Bach hanging out in Stars Hollow makes up for it:

Hep Hep hooray.

Image: Warner Bros. Television