Are Any Zayn 'Mind Of Mine' Lyrics About Gigi Hadid? These Excerpts Seem Rather Suspicious...

The Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake of the new, denim outfit-less generation have been making quite the name for themselves, collectively. Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are busy starring in super sexy music videos together, posting amourous pictures on social media, and getting snapped by the paparazzi — it's truly been a whirlwind of epic social media proportions. So, with a new album out right around the same time as his new relationship, it's not that far off to wonder, what lyrics on Zayn Malik's album, Mind of Mine, are about Gigi Hadid. In fact, I'm pretty sure we're all doing that.

Of course, there's no complete confirmation that any song is about any woman in particular — most artists just let fans read between the lines until they're in their VH1: Behind The Music phases of their careers. For now, Zayn fans can just go off clues and hunches, because for as much as this duo might reveal with a Twitter photo of them kissing, they do like to maintain an air of mystery about their relationship... for the most part. But just because Hadid and Malik haven't posted a telling Instagram to outright confirm the inspiration for the following lyrics, that doesn't necessarily render my analysis untrue. Lyrics are up for anyone's interpretation, and I'm choosing to interpret the following lyrics as little homages to the hottest couple in pop music right now:

From "PiLlOwTAlK"

"I love to hold you close, tonight and always/I love to wake up next to you"

I think it's safe to assume with this song, yes? She was in the video, after all.

From "Like I Would"

Well, there's one confirmation.

From "IT's YoU"

"Am I wrong for wanting us to make it?/Tell me your lies/Because I just can't face it"

It's pretty damn obvious at this point that Zayn wants his relationship with Hadid to go the distance. But, perhaps there were some doubts if she wanted to or not in the beginning? (Then again, we should probably consider that whole Perrie Edwards engagement that he ended not so long ago.)

From "dRuNk"

"When I'm with you/I'm buzzing and I feel laced/I'm coming from a different phase/When I'm with you"

They're totally in their own world when they're together, as evidenced by this photo. But the "different phase" line really got me. Different phase = new and improved post-One Direction and post-Perrie life? Hmm.

From, "TiO"

"Can't you see?/We can work this something out/And I'm believin'"

They got the whole flirty, witty banter thing going on, they aren't afraid to display their love social media and deal with the haters... I can see it working out, too buddy. I can see it, too.

From "BLUE"

"I give her my love and devotion/She gave me her thought and a notion/I need her body/She needs me too"

Lots of love and devotion to be had all around. See what I'm saying?

From "fOoL fOr YoU"

"When you're looking like this/I just can't resist it"

I think this feeling is mutual.

Maybe the next album will be called "Gigi." That'll be much easier to interpret.