Miley Cyrus In A Blonde Wig Will Give You Serious 'Hannah Montana' Flashbacks — PHOTO

In case you missed it, yesterday marked ten years since the debut of Hannah Montana . Of course, we all had our own ways of celebrating the unofficial holiday, but Miley Cyrus celebrated the Hannah Montana anniversary by going back to her roots — literally. She might have changed a lot since the show began, but she still the same old girl sitting around in a long blonde wig. That's not the only thing she still has in common with her rockstar persona either.

Cyrus would probably be the first one to tell you that she's strayed away from her on-screen persona over the past ten years, but that didn't stop her from reminiscing in style. The singer posted a texting conversation between herself and her one-time Hannah Montana co-star Jason Earles to Instagram, and it featured an image of her laying around in a blonde wig, just like the good 'ole days. Looks like too much hasn't changed after all.

She captioned her photo with a sweet message about how even though she's putting that time in the past, she will always have a soft spot for the show. "Even though I feel disconnected to who I was at that time I will always feel eternally grateful for the opportunity and platform I was given," a portion of her message reads.

Cyrus can say whats she will about being disconnected, but she more like the character she made famous than she might want to admit. Sure, she's dressing a bit differently these days, but here are a few times Cyrus and Hannah Montana were basically interchangeable.

1. When She Killed Performance Wear

Cyrus is dressing a little bit more raunchy these days than she ever did as Ms. Montana, but she's always had a knack for slaying on-stage outfits.

2. When She Rocked A Mean Wig

Just like back in the day, she still loves switching up her hair.

3. When She Gravitated Toward Sparkly Lip Gloss

How much sparkly lip gloss is too much? The limit does not exist!

4. When She Wore Some Awesome Throwbacks

Hannah Montana was never afraid to rock a throwback style — like her bright yellow Doc Martens — and Cyrus's closet is full of them too.

5. When She Had A Blemish

Everybody has bad days. Everybody makes mistakes.

6. When She Played Dress-Up

In the old days. she's dressed up as Hannah Montana. Now she just dresses up like a strawberry? Whatever keeps you young, I guess!

7. When She Slayed The Singing Game

Let it never be said that Cyrus doesn't still have some mean pipes!

Looks like the old Miley isn't completely gone after all!

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