13 Times Miley Cyrus Was Actually Pretty Normcore

You wouldn't expect this pop star, who rocks pasties, onesies, and stickers on her face on a regular basis, would ever be considered normcore. But you'd be surprised how many times Miley Cyrus was actually pretty normcore. Even though the singer has an affinity for loud prints and bright colors, Cyrus can really rock a super average outfit like a pro.

Normcore, if you don't already know, is a combination of the words normal and hardcore used to define the "trend" of wearing really normal clothing. Think basic white sneakers, light-wash jeans your mom might rock, and plain T-shirts with nothing distinct about them. Basically, as Fiona Duncan of New York Magazine puts it, normcore is "embracing sameness deliberately as a new way of being cool, rather than striving for 'difference.'" Now, factor in Teddy-Bear-bodysuit-wearing, pasties-rocking Cyrus, and the two wouldn't seeming to have muchin common, right?

But you'd actually be surprised how normcore Cyrus actually is from time to time. In fact, there are quite a few instances when she was so normcore that you'd probably question whether it was actually her at all. Ahead you'll find 13 of those moments, so be prepared to rub your eyes. Cyrus can really rock some normcore looks!

1. Light Wash Jeans

Those light wash jeans practically scream normcore. Combined with the basic black tee, it's an outfit anyone can wear.

2. Elvis T-Shirt

Considering there are probably hundreds of thousands of Elvis T-shirts just lying around, this style is pretty normcore if you ask me. Cyrus rocks Elvis well!

3. Sweatshirt

Even Cyrus can appreciate a good sweatshirt from time to time.

4. Plaid Pants

While plaid pants aren't your typical stylish piece, Cyrus certainly rocks them with a black crop top and blue jacket.

5. T-Shirt & Jeans

This #OOTD snap is definitely a rare one, as Cyrus points out, but her day-to-day style is definitely on another normcore level. With the Rolling Stones T-shirt and the skinny, light wash jeans, it's clear Cyrus is all about the regular clothes.

6. Overalls

The color palette of this totally normcore overall and striped shirt combo is avocado, Miley. But you know what? You rock it anyways.

7. Black Bra

It doesn't get more basic than your run-of-the-mill black sports bra.

8. Jersey

A nondescript jersey paired with basic jeans? Normcore, if you ask me.

9. Suspenders

Being totally honest: I would wear this outfit. The crop top with the suspenders with the black pants is a totally effortless normcore pairing.

10. Black T-Shirt

Your basic black T-shirt makes for a great normcore ensemble.

11. Chambray

OK, so this may not be completely normcore. But the fact that Cyrus is wearing a blouse, pants, and shoes is pretty normal, no?

12. Track Suit

Even though we can't exactly see what Cyrus is wearing here, it suspiciously looks like a track suit. And, let's be real, track suits are as normcore as it gets.

13. Black & White

You can go wrong with an every day white shirt with black pants.

There you have it. These 13 instances prove Cyrus isn't about pasties and onesies all the time. In fact, she may just be your normcore style inspiration!

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