New 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Photos Confirm A Big Reunion & Here's What It Could Mean — PHOTO

It's time to reignite your groupie spirit, Gilmore Girls fans, because Hep Alien is officially reuniting for the revival. It looks like those teaser photos of Sebastian Bach hanging out around the Warner Brothers Studio back lot have led to two flawless reunion photos of the entire post-Dave band, courtesy of actor John Cabrera's (Brian) Instagram. The gang is all together again and ready to rock... but what does this reunion mean for Hep Alien?

Before the photos confirmed the whole band would be back, it was easy to imagine Lane and Zack let their rock stardom dreams fade away while Gil returned to being a full-time family man and Brian became an accountant. Or something. Now that it is clear the band is still together, or at least reuniting at some point during the revival, there is a very real possibility that Hep Alien made it. Stars Hollow could have their very own homegrown rock band! I can imagine Lorelai would be so proud if Hep Alien was a major, or even minor, deal in the music world — they got their start in her garage!

It's not far-fetched to think Hep Alien has succeeded on some level. While the band wasn't rocking out much in Season 7, at the end of the series Zack joined another band as a temporary guitarist and left Lane and the twins — with her blessing — to go on the road for a bit. Zack could have used his new name recognition to give Hep Alien a publicity boost once he returned to Stars Hollow.

There is another possibility though: Zack may have made it big in the music scene and left Stars Hollow behind. Zack, Lane, and the twins could have spent much of the past eight years since the series ended travelling the country (or even the world) as Zack's level of fame increased. Maybe the Hep Alien reunion is prompted by Zack and Lane returning to Stars Hollow for a visit and agreeing to put on a show for one of the town's numerous festivals.

While I love the idea that Hep Alien became a famous band, Zack was the one member of the group who seemed the most determined to make music his career. Gil loved to jam, but his family was his life, and for Brian the band was a fun hobby. Lane's passion for music definitely matched, if not surpassed, Zack's, but she was focusing on being a mom when the show ended, so it is hard to gauge where she would be now in terms of a music career. Although, if she is a world famous drummer, I will not complain. Not even a little.

Having Hep Alien return has opened up so many story avenues for Lane. The relationship between the band members could be strained which could mean a big reunion number could be what brings them all back together again (think of the feels that would produce), or they could still be playing gigs every weekend. Either way, Hep Alien's return is huge news, especially for Lane fans. No matter what level or non level of fame Hep Alien has attained, this reunion guarantees Lane never put away her drumsticks for good, and knowing she still loves to rock is inspiring.

Whether Hep Alien has stuck together all this time or they are reuniting for just one night only, the performance is going to be epic. Now the Gilmore Girls revival will really and truly rock.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; oywiththepoodlesalready/Tumblr