What Do Kendall + Kylie Sunglasses Look Like? Fans Of The Jenner Sisters’ Style Will Love Them — PHOTOS

ICYMI — Kendall + Kylie Jenner launched their latest collection for Nordstrom on Thursday and basically documented the whole celebratory event on social media. In the midst of all that crazy promotion for the line, we received even more exciting news that will surely send Jenner fans into a frenzy. Kendall and Kylie Jenner are releasing sunglasses, seemingly branching out from their apparel and shoe collections into the world of accessories. If you're having a hard time containing your excitement, you're probably wondering — what do Kendall + Kylie sunglasses look like?

Kylie took to Instagram to tease the new sunnies with a close-up shot of a pair of gorgeous shades. The zoomed in photo revealed what appears to be aviator style sunnies in a black and gray tortoise shell pattern. The shades also have lots of gold accents such as a shiny metallic top bar and a thin gold border around the lenses. The official stamp of approval reading "Kendall + Kylie" is etched on one of the handles, so you know it's legit.

Sadly, this single Instagram photo is the only teaser we have gotten of the upcoming sunglass line so far, but it speaks volumes as to how stunning the rest of the styles will be.

One word: obsession.

Kendall + Kylie designs seem to be inspired by the sisters' style IRL.

I bet we'll be seeing a ton of unique aviator styles in the collection, just like this pair Kylie is rocking.

Round glasses have been trending in celebrity land lately, and I predict we'll see lots of them in Kendall + Kylie's sunglass line.

Another style I'm banking on? Oversized sunnies.

Super-sized lenses will be all over this collection, you'll see.

Finally, I predict all their shades to be adorned with a metal top bar, just like the ones below.

Both sisters seem to be a fan of this look, which has major edgy vibes.