What It Costs To Live Like Lisa Vanderpump

by Emily Lackey

It takes a lot to keep a classy lady in high heels and champagne, and, for Lisa Vanderpump, it takes even more to run a restaurant enterprise, a reality show, and an entire estate in Beverly Hills. Because it takes a lot of money to live like Lisa Vanderpump on a daily basis. And the star isn’t spending her money on fancy things just for show. There are a lot of things that the reality star has to pay for on the daily in order to keep her life and her estate in order. Things you probably wouldn’t even think about when you saw Lisa Vanderpump step out of her enormous Bentley and saunter confidently into one of the many restaurants she owns.

Living rich takes serious cash, and so it’s no wonder that Lisa Vanderpump likely spends a ton of money every day to look the way she does and maintain the lifestyle that she leads. If you think spending $5 on Starbucks every morning is bad, take some comfort in the fact that Lisa Vanderpump is most likely spending way more than you before you’ve even gotten out of bed in the morning. An extra shot of espresso has nothing on the amount of money it takes each day to be Lisa Vanderpump.

Hair And Makeup

It’s possible that Vanderpump does her own makeup on occasion, but, for highly produced shots and having her daily life filmed for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules, I’m sure she’s having her makeup and hair done professionally. In which case, this service in Beverly Hills probably costs her a cool $250 each day based on the average cost of having your hair and makeup professionally done, and the fact that she lives in one of the most affluent towns in the country.

Total cost: $250

Her Gorgeous Outfits

One outfit won’t do if you’re Lisa Vanderpump. This housewife usually has more than one event to attend in a day, which means she needs at least two: One for at home and one for work and her various functions. If she picks a modest dress for her evening attire, the cost will most likely run her between $1000 and $1500, while her daywear could be upwards of $500.

Total cost: $2,000

Her Stunning Accessories

This is where the big bucks are spent. Vanderpump is known for her stunning jewels and spending millions on them is not unheard of. But, considering that these jewels are things she wears everyday, it would be unfair to add the $5 million her diamond ring is reportedly worth to the total. Still, you can be sure it costs this star an extra couple thousand just to accessorize her stunning outfits.

Total cost: A pro-rated $1,000

Gas For Her Bentley

L.A. is not an easy city to get around, but driving a Bentley makes it a little bit easier. Unfortunately for Lisa, Bentleys aren’t the most fuel-efficient car out there on the market. So fueling this baby is going to cost the star a pretty penny. To fill her tank with premium gas at the 76 in Beverly Hills, it would cost her $4.09/gallon, or about $60, depending on how big her tank is.

Total cost: $60

Food For Her Animals

I might feed my dog $4.99 store brand dry food, but you know Lisa Vanderpump is feeding her multiple dogs, her swans, and her miniature horse only the best animal food that money can buy. Her miniature horse probably subsists mostly on the grass from the yard, but she may also be fed crimped oats to keep her well fed. Swans, too, eat mostly underwater vegetation, but considering they’re swimming in man-made ponds, they most likely are fed leafy greens and other vegetables to keep them healthy. As for her dogs, one of the most expensive dog foods on the market costs almost $3 per can. With a whole zoo of dogs to feed each day, I’d say Vanderpump spends at least $20 each day just to feed her canine friends.

Total cost: $58.49

A Bottle Of Rosé

What would a day be without a bottle of rosé for Lisa Vanderpump? Answer: Absurd. According to Gayot.com, one of the best rosés costs $50 for a bottle. So add that to the mounting tally.

Total cost: $50

And so, the total cost to live like Lisa Vanderpump for a day comes to… $3,418.49. Time to start applying for credit cards.

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