'The Walking Dead' Supervillain Negan Looks Terrifying In Season 6 Teaser, But Who Will Be His First Victim? — VIDEO

Here comes trouble. Our first look at Negan, The Walking Dead's long-awaited super bad, super big, baseball bat-toting baddie is here — and it's just as ominous and terrifying as one could hope. The Walking Dead has repeatedly teased the ominous arrival of the villain, but now in a leaked trailer for the season finale, we've finally been given a peek of the terrifying character and his barbed-wire covered baseball bat, Lucille — and guess what? The first look at Negan is just as bone-chilling as you would imagine.

The international TWD promo that's responsible for gifting (or cursing) our eyes with this first glimpse of Negan — played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan — starts with Rick Grimes, the Saviors, and a proposed deal. As usual, the Saviors aren't looking to negotiate so fast. Carl Grimes enter the mix, Morgan Jones shows up on horseback, people haphazardly run away from things/into the woods, and it all feels pretty standard for TWD. Until Negan reveals himself — partially, at least. We see the back of the baddie's leather jacket, Lucille, and then hear a man utter this: "Hi. I'm Negan." Pro tip: make sure your lights are turned on and that you're hiding under an impenetrable fort when you watch that part.

Since it was revealed that Negan will have a part in the show, fans have been speculating who Negan will go after first in terms of victims. So, after watching that petrifying image of the mega-villain finally introducing himself, let's regain our composure and talk. Who will be Negan's first victim? WARNING: Spoiler alert for the comics.

1. Glenn

If you've read TWD comics, you know full well that upon his arrival to the scene, Negan kills Glenn. Scott M. Gimple — a producer/writer for the show — told Entertainment Weekly that TWD will adhere to the comic book as best it can in terms of the feelings it seeks to emit (despair, rage, etc.)... but as for plot, things are always subject to change. Most fans took that to mean while there's a possibility Negan will kill Glenn, it's not likely.

2. Maggie

Fans have theorized that Maggie — and her and Glenn's baby — might be Negan's first victim. This is a direct devastation for Glenn — kill his child and the mother of his child? — so in a way, it aligns perfectly with the comic book's intent without having to actually follow the comic book's plot.

3. Carol

Carol could be the victim no one saw coming. Think about it: Carol's been laying low and has turned over a new non-killing leaf. If she were faced with Negan, her death would be both brutal and surprising.

4. Daryl

People have been speculating that in TWD's proper "mixing up the deaths of characters" fashion, Daryl will be the one who has his skull bashed in by Negan. In fact, in a poll put out by The Spoiling Dead Fans, voters seem caught between Glenn and Daryl — almost exactly. But TWD better be careful with this one, since "If Daryl dies we riot" has been a long standing mantra.

5. Morgan

Morgan still has his humanity, which makes him a likely victim. Killing off Morgan would be a dark and twisted way to show just how far TWD has spun into the abyss.

6. Abraham

Though Abraham — as Daryl's trusty right-hand man — seems like a contender for Negan, his lack of centrality in the show might actually be his saving grace. That is, if he dies, the show won't change too much, and though we'll be bummed, we won't be losing sleep over his absence. In my opinion, Abraham would be an interesting target for Negan to go up against, but it probably won't happen.

No matter how you slice it with a barbed-wire baseball bat, it's not going to be pretty. Watch the preview below to prepare.

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