Which 'Gilmore Girls' Character Are You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?

After it ended in 2007, though I missed the whip-smart dialogue, the unrestrained pop culture references, and the characters that were both a mix of familiar and unpredictable, what I missed most about Gilmore Girls were the hours I spent watching it. (I clocked in somewhere around the 3 million mark, probably.) Watching Gilmore Girls — back to back, as nature intended — was never a waste of time, and neither was identifying with the dynamic characters that made the show so likable (and, though I hate to filter it down to just one phrase — so relatable).

Maybe that's because the Gilmore Girls characters were — like real humans — complex and layered. So much so that if we were to sit down with these fictionalized humans and give them all Myers-Briggs tests, they would have no problem filling out the questionnaires. What's more, they would all come back with unique results.

If you've taken the Myers-Briggs test yourself then you know it can be a revelatory moment, but one thing you probably never thought to do though was match your personality with one of the beloved Gilmore Girls characters — all in an effort to better understand yourself and the show. (Total win-win.) If you're on board, here's which GG character you would be, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type.

1. ISTJ: "The Logistician"

Character: Dean Forester

Like Dean, you're loyal and place a lot of value on being dependable. You're dedicated to those you care about, but you don't let just anyone into your circle. Your biggest weakness often involves holding people up to standards that are too high, and then subsequently being disappointed.

2. ISFJ: "The Defender"

Character: Rory Gilmore

You have an innate desire to be kind and good above all else. You are a hardcore perfectionist, which leads you to get caught up in your own little world a bit too often. You constantly go above and beyond what's expected of you, and though you are an introvert, you take your relationships seriously.

3. INFJ: "The Advocate"

Character: Luke Danes

You're a doer more than you are a dreamer, as you value efficiency and action over ideas. You're strong-willed, and though you might be shy, you have a need to help others, and give a voice to those who don't have one. You put on a tough guy act, but you're a softie at heart.

4. INTJ: "The Architect"

Character: Richard Gilmore

Thanks to your thirst for knowledge, you know a lot about the world, and people admire that. You are an intellect, and though you are ambitious, you are a private person. Rationality is a driving factor for you, and you can often appear emotionless. You shine best when you are not in the spotlight.

5. ISTP: "The Virtuoso"

Character: Michel Gerard

You're private and can be insensitive to the needs of others. Sometimes people can be offended by your sense of humor, even though you mean no harm. You can become annoyed easily, but those who understand you find your stubbornness endearing.

6. ISFP: "The Adventurer"

Character: Lane Kim

You are an artist and innovator. You hate to be labeled just one thing, or confined to boxes. You like to experiment, and your charm and passion make you someone that people enjoy being around.

7. INFP: "The Mediator"

Character Sookie St. James

Your compassion and open-mindedness make you the type of person someone will come to for emotional support. You're a good listener, and your optimistic perspective on things is refreshing.

8. INTP: "The Logician"

Character: Jess Mariano

You are cerebral, always thinking, and questioning the world. You hate being perceived as ordinary, and find yourself to be both creative and logical. You have a unique perspective on things. Whereas you lack the ability to be an emotional sounding board for someone, you make up for it by offering your intellect and unique ideas.

9. ESTP: "The Entrepreneur"

Character: Kirk Gleason

You live in the moment and enjoy being the center of attention. You are full of energy and excitement, but sometimes, you can get distracted by your own ideas. You're a direct communicator, which people appreciate about you — but sometimes your inability to see the bigger picture can frustrate others.

10. ESFP: "The Entertainer"

Character: Babette Dell

You live your life believing that the world is your stage. You have a unique sense of humor, and you are social to your core. You are light and playful, and ultimately people are drawn to the way you make them feel. At your worst, you're unfocused and people find it difficult to hold your attention.

11. ENFP: "The Campaigner"

Character: Lorelai Gilmore

You are sociable, witty, and interesting to be around. When someone's speaking with you, they'll notice that there's never a dull moment in your conversation. Whether you want them to be or not, all eyes are always on you because your energy and enthusiasm lights up the room.

12. ENTP: "The Debater"

Character: Logan Huntzberger

You get real enjoyment out of questioning the status quo, and that makes you intriguing and slightly mysterious. You are intellectually independent and a free-thinker, but that can get you into trouble. You can sometimes depend too much on others to carry out your visions, and not work hard enough.

13. ESTJ: "The Executive"

Character: Taylor Doose

You value honesty and dignity above all else. You have strict rules on what you believe is right and what you believe is wrong, and you hold everyone up to those standards. Though you can be too stubborn for your own good, you're a natural born leader.

14. ESFJ: "The Consul"

Character: Emily Gilmore

You enjoy being social, planning events, and discussing the latest gossip with your friends. People view you as an authority figure, and as someone to get advice from about practical matters. Though at your core you have a heart and are selfless, you can be reluctant to change and sensitive to any sort of critique or criticism.

15. ENFJ: "The Protagonist"

Character: Miss Patty

You have a strong personality and a natural confidence, which makes you a great teacher, coach, or politician. You're an altruist and often put the needs of others above your own.

16. ENTJ: "The Commander"

Character: Paris Gellar

You project authority and take great pleasure out of achieving your goals. You are determined and rational — sometimes to a fault. Sometimes you can be overbearing and dominant, but those close to you know self-confidence and strong-willed nature are inspiring traits.

Oh, Gilmore Girls. I will forever be indebted to you for providing the world with such a cast of diverse and interesting characters.

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