Rihanna Lullabies Are A Thing Now, So You Can Sing Your Baby To Sleep With "Work"

"More Rihanna!", the people cried, and it turns out that someone was listening. Rockabye Baby, a company known for taking famous artists' most well-known songs and turning them into lullabies meant for young children, has produced its latest offering, baby-friendly songs by Rihanna, and it might be its very best yet. Previous recipients of this lullaby-ization include Blink 182, Aerosmith, and Bjork, among others, and this time, some of RiRi's greatest hits, including but most certainly not limited to, "We Found Love", "SOS", and "Don't Stop The Music," have been added to the mix. Really, can you ask for anything better?

Yet while the Rihanna song selection is certainly on point, there are plenty of other stars whose famous tunes would be ideal in lullaby form, too. The following 11 artists deserve to get their day in the xylophone-themed spotlight, because their songs made into lullabies would truly change the game for kid-loved music. Sure, not all of them are the most child-friendly tracks out there, but I strongly believe that if Rockabye Baby could made Rihanna songs into lullabies, then making G-rated songs out of tunes by the 11 artists below would be a piece of cake.

1. Kendrick Lamar

KendrickLamarVEVO on YouTube

Sure, making your child listen to "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" isn't the most conventional parenting method, but hey, they won't understand the lyrics. And it'd be hilarious.

2. Adele

AdeleVEVO on YouTube

Babies already cry a lot as it is — have fun making it even worse with Adele.

3. Justin Bieber

JustinBieberVEVO on YouTube

The idea of a baby listening to "Baby" is just too much for me. And can you imagine "Sorry" as a lullaby? That would be amazing. How soon is too soon to start teaching children the dance from the music video?

4. Beyoncé

beyonceVEVO on YouTube

Rockabye Baby already has "Halo" on a CD called "Good Baby, Bad Baby", but it's time for a full Yoncé recording. It will give fans who are waiting desperately for her new album something to listen to in the meantime.

5. Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeroes

João Estrela on YouTube

Sure, part of the appeal of this band is all the musical instruments and various people playing them, but I have high hopes the melodies on their songs are strong enough to make a pretty sweet lullaby.

6. The Spice Girls

SpiceGirlsVEVO on YouTube

I'm not sure how this would sound or if it would half as calming as a lullaby is meant to be, but I am desperate to know how "Wannabe" would work out as a kid-friendly track.

7. D'Angelo And The Vanguard

DAngeloVEVO on YouTube

There's a reason D'Angelo won a Grammy for Best R&B Album this year. Those melodies are dope, and I can only assume they are just as dope in lullaby form.

8. Of Monsters And Men

TBH, I can never really understand what these guys are saying, so it wouldn't hurt to cut out the lyrics and just hear the beautiful composition.

9. Hall And Oates

hallandoatesVEVO on YouTube

It would be literally impossible for something like this to not please the human ear.

10. Billie Holiday

She's a great way to educate the youth about historic and quality songwriting at a young age. Classics are often the way to go with young kids, and Holiday is no exception.

11. Chris Stapleton

ChrisStapletonVEVO on YouTube

Stapleton was all over the Grammys this year, as he was nominated for Album of the Year and Best Country Song and won Best Country Album and Best Country Performance, so let's show the children his music. Maybe they'll pick up something from it.

Until my please are heard, we'll all just have to stick with the melodies of Rihanna as proper lullabies for now. May "Rude Boy" and "Work" lull us all to sleep.