When Is Stassi Schroeder's Movie Coming Out? The 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Will Make A Surprise Debut

Vanderpump Rules fans are about to very disappointed. Season 4 of the series is finally drawing to an end. But fear not, as there's always more on the way from the cast. For example, Stassi Schroeder's mystery movie role that she dished about on a recent episode of her podcast, Straight Up With Stassi. So when will Stassi's movie be released? On that podcast episode, she couldn't divulge any details about the upcoming role. She wasn't even able to disclose what its name was! But even so, I think we can break down a couple of clues that Stassi's left her fans (or Khaleesis, as she calls them) about her exciting news.

On the March 15 episode of her podcast, Stassi said she had just finished filming a 12-hour role in a film where she will play a "boss b*tch nuclear rocket scientist" over the previous weekend. While she didn't post any pictures from the set or anyone who could have possibly been a costar in the film, on Instagram she was in New York just a little while earlier, filming an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Kristen, Scheana, and Katie, reuniting the original BFFs of Vanderpump Rules. So it's possible that the film was shooting in New York City.

But Stassi quickly returned to Los Angeles and attended the Paley Fest TV panel featuring the cast of Scream Queens, so whatever mystery project she's filming could also be California-based.

Regardless of where the movie is being filmed, it often takes between six months and a year to go from shooting to a finished project, so there may be a long wait ahead until you can get your hands on Stassi Schroeder's feature film (or TV movie) debut. On the last few episodes of Straight Up with Stassi, there weren't any more big hints about her role, which is unfortunate. Don't get me wrong, the episodes are hilarious, and lots of Vanderpump Rules gossip is shared (Stassi has some strong opinions on Lala!), but sadly no more details about the movie.

And since I've exhausted all of Stassi's confirmed details, I'm going to make a very weird, very bold prediction/guess/suggestion — could Stassi be in the next Sharknado film? I only suggest it because the film is reportedly shooting right now, and according to Variety, part of the story revolves around a tech billionaire who invents a way for the atmosphere to never develop tornados (though I'm sure that will somehow go horribly wrong), which means there will certainly be some scientists involved. And doesn't the cameo-filled Sharknado universe seem like the perfect place for Stassi to make her movie debut?

Regardless of what film Stassi is actually working on right now, I'll be desperately waiting for more news from the Vanderpump Rules star. And until she drops an official release date, keep your eyes on her Instagram account and your ears on her Straight Up with Stassi.

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