Alicia Asked Peter For A Divorce On 'The Good Wife' & Things Will Never Be The Same

Peter might find himself involved in a few legal battles by the end of the season on The Good Wife . Not only is the Governor dealing with a possible indictment for misconduct as Attorney General, he could be heading to divorce court. After Peter and Jason finally met in "Unmanned," Alicia asked Peter for a divorce on The Good Wife . Yep, that's right, after nearly seven seasons of broken hearts, affairs and short-lived reconciliations, Alicia finally declared her marriage over.

Ever since The Good Wife premiered, fans have been wondering when or if Alicia was ever going to ask for a divorce. What would it take for her to give up on her marriage? Well, we've finally got our answer: Jason Crouse. At the beginning of the episode, Peter barged into Alicia's apartment to find Jason strolling around in his boxer shorts. Needless to say, he was not thrilled. In fact, he was so angered by the whole thing that he slapped Jason's coffee mug right out of his hand. Peter gave Jason some worthless spiel about Alicia being his wife, and threw him out. Jason left and didn't come back, even dodging Alicia's phone calls.

The next day, Jason admitted to Alicia that he felt uncomfortable stepping in between her and her husband. After telling Jason she expected to see him later, Alicia marched straight into Peter's office and, in front of a group of Peter's associates and Eli Gold, simply said, "I want a divorce." Peter immediately accused Alicia of wanting a divorce because of Jason, but she held her ground, insisting that she just wants a divorce for herself. What about Peter's possible indictment? "Peter, you're always being indicted," Alicia told him.

Whether or not Alicia will stick to that attitude remains to be seen, however. The episode ended with Peter sure to be indicted and coming to Alicia with a proposal. He'll agree to a divorce, but he wants her to keep it secret until after he's brought to trial. So, now Alicia has a choice to make: will she play 'the good wife' yet again, or divorce his lying ass and leave him to fend for himself?

Images: Jeff Neumann/CBS; mymargulies/tumblr