Alicia Is Made Name Partner On 'The Good Wife' As Cary Quits The Firm

Things are changing at the firm of Lockhart, Agos & Lee on The Good Wife , and they're changing fast. With Diane still steadfast in her plans for a female-led firm, Cary and David Lee are on high alert. And yet, Cary supports Diane's decision when she asks Howard to trade offices with Alicia. In all fairness, Howard does have a tendency to work in his underwear, and his old school ways have been getting on Cary's nerves for a while. Besides, letting Alicia move to the parter's floor isn't the same thing as making her a name partner. Of course, Cary is soon proved wrong when Diane proposes making Alicia a name partner. Both David and Cary oppose, but when Diane offers David more money, he decides to leave Cary in the dust. So, Alicia is made name partner on The Good Wife , but, to her surprise, Cary quits the firm.

Alicia making name partner and the politics of the firm appear to have pushed Cary over the edge. Even though Alicia promises Cary that she won't work against him, essentially saying she won't help Diane push him out, Cary has made up his mind. He's letting Diane buy him out and leaving the firm for good. He likes being a lawyer, but being a partner, with all the backstabbing and politics, is just too exhausting.

Now, if this seems strange to you, that's probably because it is. Cary has always been the guy with the high ambitions. He did everything he could to beat Alicia when they were associates, and it was his idea to start a competitive firm with Alicia. But, I guess people change, and Cary has decided he doesn't want to be in charge anymore, at least not at a place like this.

Before you freak out, rest assured this is not the last of Cary Agos. He may have walked out of the firm, but he has a date with a Grand Jury coming up. That's right: Cary has been subpoenaed to appear in the case against Peter. And it's not going to be good.

Images: Jeff Neumann/CBS; ginevra17/tumblr