Wait, Are Kourtney & Scott Really Back Together?

Ever since a majority of the Kardashian family joined Snapchat, fans have gotten an even closer look at their already public lives. Thanks to the app, I literally felt like I spent Easter hanging out with Kanye West and Tyga dressed in bunny suits. Plus, those same Snaps sparked speculation that Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom may be back together. Less than 24 hours later, another Keeping Up With The Kardashians couple is the subject of equally interesting rumors. After a video posted on Monday, people are wondering: Are Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick back together, too? Before you bust out the balloons and throw a party, you should sit down and watch the actual video. Based on their social cues, it appears that they're joking.

In the brief video Kourtney posted, the pair shares a big announcement. Lord Disick says, "So, um, we wanted you guys to hear it first. We are getting back together." Just as your jaw is about to drop, he goes to kiss Kourt, but she pulls away, laughs, and says, "No." Do you see what they're doing? They're just messing with everyone who constantly speculates about their relationship. I'm convinced that, as usual, Kourt and Disick love to trick their shippers.

Not convinced? They shared a similar sentiment when the eldest Kardashian first joined the app a few weeks ago. In an earlier video, Kourtney told everyone to relax. As she and Disick were driving in the car, she said, "By the way, everyone relax. People that have three kids together spend time together." I believe the same scenario applies here — spending time together does not automatically equate to dating.

Still, any of those potential and plausible explanations didn't stop fans from freaking out on Twitter.

I hate to burst everybody's bubble, but no matter how many face swaps or goofy videos these two post, it seems like Kourtney and Disick are just focusing on family — not rebuilding their romantic relationship. They've made that clear in previous interviews. While I agree that it's great that they're on good terms, I don't think there's actually more beneath the surface. Meanwhile, Kourt also shared this video:

In the clip, she says, "What does that mean?" in reference to Disick's playful chokehold. But I'm sitting here asking myself the same question about this entire situation. Honestly I'm not 100-percent sure what this all means, but I sincerely don't think they're actually back together.

Then again, with this family, it's impossible to predict what they'll do next. So only time — and more Snapchat videos — will tell.