Anna Kendrick Is Delusional In This New Clip

By Kaitlin Reilly

Everyone has that one friend who is royally bad at romance. Whether she is constantly falling for the wrong guy (like, steals her car kind of wrong guy) or gets swept off her feet at even the smallest romantic gesture, there are some times when all you want to do is shake her and tell her to get a grip. That friend is essentially Anna Kendrick's character in the upcoming movie Mr. Right , which stars the Pitch Perfect actress as a lovestruck 20something who definitely doesn't have the whole "love thing" down. In this new clip from the film, Kendrick's character Martha is elated after having woken up next to her so-called "Mr. Right," much to her friend's bewilderment. Sure, her friend is getting a good mood Martha (and breakfast) out of the deal, but is Martha jumping into this relationship too soon? Probably, considering she doesn't even know her Mr. Right's name. Whoops.

The clip, which features Katie Nehra as Martha's friend Sophie, will give anyone with a seriously love delusional friend major flashbacks. You will cringe as Martha insists that her newfound love is perfectly reasonable, despite her admitted inability to Google him. You will identity with poor Sophie, who wants to both school her friend with some serious real talk and enjoy Martha's pancake and fried whipped cream. What this clip proves is, in the game of love, it's best to keep your head about things. And if you absolutely can't? Well, at least make your long-suffering friends some pancakes for their troubles.

Mr. Right is in theaters, on demand and digital HD on April 8.