'The Bachelorette' Is Breaking The Mold

I will be the first to admit that when it comes to The Bachelor franchise, I am all about the spoilers. Thanks to Reality Steve, I have never watched a season without knowing how it was going to end from the beginning, and no matter how hard I try to avoid them, it's like they find me anyway. If you've managed to watch the show unspoiled until now, though, you may have some difficulty with JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette . Because now, it's not just Steve who's dropping bombs about what's going to happen on the show. Nope, since filming earlier this month, Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss has been tweeting spoilers, and my only question is this: Why?

At first, it didn't make sense when I saw Fleiss tweeting photos from the set... and talking about what's going down on each date. I won't reveal any of the details in case you don't follow him and you really don't want to know, but he's shared clues and even straight up spoilers about what's happening, how JoJo and the guys are getting along, and even whether she thinks she could marry any of the guys she's met or not so far. And since ABC is usually really strict about spoilers getting out, it's surprising that Fleiss is publicizing the show this way.

So what's going on? He hasn't revealed the method to his madness just yet, but I have a few theories. Minor spoilers ahead!

He's Drumming Up Interest In This Season

Right now, in the off season between The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, aside from spoilers that come out during filming, news is pretty dead. Maybe, to keep everyone interested in the meantime, Fleiss is tweeting the things only he can share, straight from the mansion? It would make sense, although The Bachelorette usually draws a solid audience on its own. I'm not complaining!

He's Trying To Beat Other Spoilers To The Punch

At this point, it's possible that Fleiss and ABC have realized that there's nothing they can do to stop spoilers from leaking, so maybe they've decided if they can leak the info (or at least some of it, without giving too much away) before Steve does, they can make him less credible and take away some of his power? I wouldn't be surprised if this was at least a little bit the real reason this is happening.

He Literally Doesn't Care Anymore

This is how I imagine MIke Fleiss' thought process right now: "Who cares? It's The Bachelorette. People love it anyway. Spoiler-ers gonna spoil, so everything is fair game." And then, he downs a giant glass of red wine and buys himself a dozen roses, because he deserves it.

No matter what the real reason is, I'm definitely not upset that Fleiss is sharing more than usual on Twitter. I'm unable to help myself when it comes to spoilers, so I'm totally fine with him adding to the info we'll get before the show premieres in May. Bring it on!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC