Hiddleston & Colbert Sing a Hank Williams Duet

Well everyone, I've finally seen the light. That is, I've seen Tom Hiddleston and Stephen Colbert sing a Hank Williams song. Thank you, yes. It did change me. When the actor stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Monday night to promote his new Hank Williams biopic, a request for Hiddleston to showcase (yet again) his singing chops to the world wasn't just a fever dream that I — and the rest of America probably — had. It was a fair request. Thankfully Hiddleston, being the sweet gem that he is, fulfilled said request. Though it was only after a little encouragement (read: peer pressure) from Colbert, we did indeed get to see Hiddleston's beautiful face sing beautiful words. What's more is that Hiddleston wasn't the only one who so selflessly revealed his talents. Colbert got in on the glory too.

If you ever needed a reason to think that these two should, one, be best friends for eternity, and, two, become the defining musical duo of our generation, then, hey, let this video of them be your reason. But if, after watching it, you still need more proof (uhm, how?!), then here. More reasons why Hiddleston and Colbert — as some of the greatest humans in the entire species — should quit their day jobs and travel around the globe singing together.

1. Their Voices Compliment Each Other

Hiddleston is a baritone. Colbert is a bass? (I have no idea, but whatever it is, it works.)

2. They Can Laugh Together

The laughs flow so freely. That's important for any musical duo. Just ask Sonny and Cher.

3. Colbert Can Play The Spoons

He's great at them. They don't need any other instruments.

4. They Have Great Eye Contact

You know who else had great eye contact? Simon and Garfunkel.

5. They Don't Mind Proximity

Which means they will be able to handle that tour bus life no problem.

6. They Are Good At Clapping

A requisite to anyone looking to go into the biz.

7. They Know How To Get The Audience Involved

Underrated, but a big key to success.

8. They Love Each Other

I mean, clearly. The platonic chemistry is off the charts.

Watch the full video below and prepare for a fantastical dream sequence featuring the newest, hottest musical duo around: Stevey C. & The Hiddles (I'm open to suggestions.)

Images: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert/YouTube (9)