Rihanna Will Drop 2 'Anti' Singles Very Soon

Riri enthusiasts, pay attention. This is not a drill. Rihanna will drop the next two Anti singles Wednesday morning at 7 AM EST according to a Tweet she shared Monday evening. The singles in question are "Kiss It Better," and her DJ Mustard collaboration, "Needed Me." These singles come after the equally awesome single with Drake, "Work", which also featured a super-sexy double music video. But Rihanna hasn't just been killing the game with dope singles, she's also been storming the gates of major cities with the Anti Tour which started March 12th in Jacksonville, Florida and after touring all over the US and Europe will end in August 21st in Chelmsford UK.

Fans, it's time to set yourself apart from those fans who don't care as much as you. Be sure to tune into them east coast radio stations at 7 AM to get yourself a first listen. I don't care if you're on the west coast and it will be only 4 AM — if you are a true fan you will tune on in. Sure, the stations may not play the singles right at 7 AM, they'll just be in circulation at that time, but do you really want to miss a moment of Riri bliss?

Along with announcing this heart-stopping news, Rihanna also showed off the artwork for the singles in her Tweet.

The art for "Needed Me" has Rihanna standing up in some sort of overall situation holding her crotch and looking defiant. It fits the theme of the song: The partner in question needs Rihanna, but she's totally over it.

Meanwhile, the art for "Kiss It Better" is also perfect for the theme. This song is more, shall we say, physical, and speaks not so subtly about oral sex with lines like, "Oh, tell me what you’re willing to do? Kiss it, kiss it better, baby." The image of Riri back arched, eyes closed in ecstasy fits this perfectly.

Sure, we've all listened to the all album over and over again (on repeat, perhaps) but listening to these singles on the actual real-live radio will feel wonderful.