The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Brings Back Jason

You can file this one under, "Characters I never in a million years thought that would be brought back." Apparently, the Gilmore Girls revival is bringing back Jason Stiles. Chris Eigeman, who portrayed Jason, told an inquiring fan on Twitter that, "I am indeed paying a visit to Stars Hollow." Guys, what this means is that this revival is leaving no stone unturned. They're putting some major thought and dedication into the details and history of these characters. It's going to be so damn good. But, what's the big deal about Jason's casting, anyway?

Well, let me refresh your memory (Side note: It's totally OK, I had to refresh my own memory of him first, it has been quite a while). To put it plainly, Jason was Richard Gilmore's business partner. However, there was a hefty amount of underhanded family drama on Jason's end of things that Richard ended up getting involved in. Richard had a major entanglement with Jason's father to save his butt (but not Jason's) business-wise, and then Jason up and sued Richard once he found out. The funny part is, that was not even the juiciest part of Jason’s story arc. The other thing, the real juice? Jason was Lorelai's secret and then not-so-secret boyfriend at the time of this business partnership.

The whole him being pretty peeved over Richard and his father's secrecy is only made worse by the fact that he was an especially honest dude. As much as Lorelai didn't want to tell her parents about their relationship, he practically begged her to. See for yourself below.

Clearly, they ended up breaking up, on account of the fact that it's kind of hard to date someone who wants to legally ruin your dad, you know? But, even after that, Jason wanted to get back with Lorelai, but Lorelai wasn't having it. Anyway, I thought the rest was history but apparently I was very, very wrong. Which, brings me to the question of the hour— what does this mean for Luke and Lorelai's relationship?

Shows don't usually bring back a former flame for no reason. This spells drama, albeit temporarily, for me. Perhaps Jason returns to pay his respects to the late Richard Gilmore, and also to offer his ex-girlfriend his condolences on her life-altering loss. In light of the way he and Richard left things off, it'd be an especially humble and compassionate gesture. Could that mean that Lorelai's feelings for him would be rekindled in some way?

If Lorelai is already with Luke, Jason's return might cause some tension in their relationship. Maybe there'd be some insecurity on Luke's part, or some questioning of a "one who got away" from Lorelai. But, if she's not already with Luke upon Jason's reemergence, perhaps he's just the catalyst for their reunion. Maybe seeing Lorelai mingle with an ex is what makes Luke bite the bullet.

Guys, my head is swimming with possibilities about what this could mean. Something to keep in mind, though. Eigeman's tweet that he was going to "pay Star's Hollow a visit" insinuates he won't be there for long. I don't think his appearance will have any totally disastrous or lasting affects on Luke and Lorelai's relationship, but I do think he'll play a role in some way.

Image: Warner Bros. Television