Which Stars Hollow Faves Are Still Around In 'GG'?

What a glorious day it is to be a Gilmore Girls fan. Loving these ladies is always easy, but, with all of the speculation swirling around the Gilmore Girls revival, being a fan is sometimes totally brutal. Like on Tuesday when an interview with Sookie herself, Melissa McCarthy, was released in which she was emphatic about the fact she was not making an appearance in the revival. Or, when set pictures are periodically posted on Instagram and Twitter without so much as an explanation or educated guess. There has been a lot of mystery surrounding the Netflix revival of the show we all know and love — and while it's occasionally been nail-bitingly frustrating, I am here to announce today that it is a good day to be a fan. Because, when it comes to your favorite Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow staples, they'll definitely be around in the revival.

Listen, I understand the anxiety you may have been feeling about the town itself. With nine years in between the revival and the original series, Stars Hollow could have undergone a serious facelift by now. There could be big box stores lining the main streets, parking garages tucked into the corners, and new owners running local stores.

But fret not, my little Gilmorians, because two of the most famous Stars Hollows haunts are definitely going to be back for the revival. On Wednesday, photos of the Stars Hollow set were posted to Instagram that displayed the town in full winter effect. But, smack dab in the middle of those pictures are two Stars Hollow favorites, still alive and well. In the one photo, there is a head-on shot of Luke’s Diner with the same window decals that were there before. To me, this means it’s pretty likely that no one has come in and replaced Luke as owner. These photos are as close as confirmation as we can get that Luke is still spending most of his time at his diner in the Gilmore Girls revival.

And then there is the second picture, which features a seasonally decorated Miss Patty’s School of Ballet. In this picture, the signs are still the same, the doors are open and inviting people in, and there is just the right amount of snow covering the steps. So, that makes two photos confirming two of everyone's favorite Stars Hollow locations definitely remaining the same in the revival.

I’m just hoping this means that the storylines of these two characters haven’t changed that much. I mean, what would these classic locations be without their original owners?

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy