Could A 'Pushing Daisies' Movie Happen?

It's hard to believe it has almost been 10 years since the Pie Hole shut its doors. While Pushing Daisies only lasted two seasons, its cast of quirky characters became like family to the show's adoring fans. The fans aren't the only ones still in love, though: During a recent interview with Digital Spy, Anna Friel said she would love to see a Pushing Daisies movie happen in the near future. "We should all get together and do a Pushing Daisies movie or something," Friel told Digital Spy. "Every single member of the cast [loved it], and the fans are very passionate about it."

Are you hearing this, Hollywood?! Even Friel thinks so: A Pushing Daisies movie needs to happen.

There have been rumors of a revival since the series' cancellation — in 2014, for instance, creator Bryan Fuller said he was working on a musical version of Pushing Daisies for the stage. None of the rumored revivals have come to fruition, though, leaving fans stranded in a world with no new Ned, Chuck, Olive, and Emerson adventures to look forward to. Additionally, with the show's 10-year anniversary coming up in 2017, now would be the perfect time to get the gang back together.

While Pushing Daisies commanded a small, but loyal fanbase it could be just as much of a cult classic on the big screen as it was on the small. Here are all the reasons why a Pushing Daisies movie could definitely work.

The Cast Is A Big Deal Now...

Lee Pace was a relative unknown when Fuller cast him as piemaker Ned, but these days, Pace has his very own fandom thanks to his AMC series Halt and Catch Fire and his high-profile roles in The Hobbit trilogy and Guardians of the Galaxy. Meanwhile, Friel has became a staple of British television, the revived interest in Broadway has led more people to worship Kristin Chenoweth (as they should), and Chi McBride has continued appearing in a ton of projects. The cast can put butts in the theater seats, and that's what Hollywood is most interested in.

And So Is Bryan Fuller!

Fuller has been one of TV's most creative minds since he worked on Star Trek: Voyager — but since Hannibal, people have been taking notice in a big way. There is an appreciation and appetite for Fuller's stylistic and poetic storytelling now that wasn't there during his Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, and Pushing Daisies days. Now, Fuller is very much in demand as he balances Starz's upcoming American Gods, CBS' Star Trek, and a potential Amazing Stories revival.

Fuller is no longer the guy who makes quirky TV shows, he's the guy who makes artistic TV shows that leave critics and viewers alike floored by his creativity. He now has the name recognition to get even newbies to go see a Pushing Daisies movie.

A Movie Would Appeal To Fans & Non-Fans Alike

The beautiful thing about Pushing Daisies is the story speaks for itself. Once you understand the rules of Ned's gift, the romanticism of the narrative just sweeps you away. The series had a satisfying conclusion, so a movie could work as a standalone story that would allow fans of the series to see their favorites again while also inviting newcomers to watch without needing to know every twist and turn of the TV show.

Ned & Chuck's Romance Needs One More Chapter

The love story between Ned and Chuck could easily be the focus of a movie. They are childhood sweethearts who were reunited by her death. With one touch he brought her back to life, but another touch would mean she would stay dead forever. Happily ever after is not going to be simple for them, and a movie that centered around their story as they evolved as a couple or dealt with people finding out about Chuck and Ned's gift would be an engrossing story for everyone.

The World Needs More Olive Snook

I feel like everyone should know who Olive is. She just makes life happier by existing. Seeing her sing, flirt, and quip again would be worth the price of admission.

It's The Right Time

Just a few years ago, everyone fell madly in love with Moonrise Kingdom, a movie that is aesthetically very close to Pushing Daisies' style. Pace and Fuller have never been more popular. Audiences are craving original storytelling. Mystery, romance, and stories of connection never go out of style, and Pushing Daisies has plenty of all three. Finally, the show is a cult classic. The fans are still there, and more people have discovered the show since its untimely demise.

It's time to make Friel's dream — and the dreams of so many fans — come true and raise Pushing Daises from the dead. Someone page Ned!

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