Curtis Just Got A Big Promotion On 'Arrow'

And the list of people who know about Oliver's not-so-secret identity just keeps on growing. That's right, my friends, Curtis now knows that Oliver is the Green Arrow and as you can imagine, he was pretty stunned about the whole thing. So stunned, in fact, that he actually fainted right there in the secret lair. (Though, to be fair, he did have a 104 temperature at the time.) But once he managed to regain consciousness, he was more than willing to help out Oliver & Co. in saving Felicity from the swarm of killer robot bees that were buzzing all over Palmer Technologies. And since our gang is currently down a member, they seemed more than willing to have Curtis replace Felicity on Team Arrow. For now, at least.

Look, I'm super bummed that Felicity has made the decision to leave the group. (Anyone who's suffered from a boy band breakup knows what I'm talking about.) But I can't deny that I'm kind of loving Curtis as a member of the team. Between his childlike excitement and the fact that he makes pop culture references when he's nervous, he really is proving to be like a guy version of Felicity or at least very reminiscent of the oh-so comical Cisco on The Flash.

Of course, no one can ever really replace the amazingness that is Felicity, but whether she comes back or not (and I'm pretty sure that she will), he will definitely make a great addition to the team. Plus, he's even managed to handle his first Oliver temper tantrum, which only further proves that he has what it takes to be a vital member of this hardcore vigilante gang. And hey, maybe he'll even be able to convince Felicity to come back. After all, if they're this good with technology separately, just imagine what they'd be like working together in the lair. (Some might say, they'd be terrific.) Those Star City criminals wouldn't stand a chance.

Image: Dean Buscher/The CW