Who Will Die On 'Arrow'? "Eleven-Fifty-Nine" Promises To Reveal Who's In That Grave

Thanks to a few very grave flash forward scenes (pun intended), fans have known for quite some time now that someone will die on Arrow by the end of Season 4. And while we all have our own unique theories of who ends up in the Arrow grave, this week's cliffhanger and next week's promo are making it look more and more likely that John Diggle will be the one to die when the clock strikes "Eleven-Fifty-Nine." Not only is this the title of next Wednesday's episode, but it's also the chilling words Laurel utters right after the phrase that every doctor hates to say: "time of death." So what does this have to do with thinking Diggle will be the victim? How about the fact that it turns out his brother Andy Diggle is working with Malcolm Merlyn and has actually been a traitor this whole time.

Just when you think you can trust someone, Arrow reminds us that no one is safe from a double-cross. I mean, poor Diggle. Just when he thought he finally had his brother back, he's now about to be betrayed in a very big way. At the end of the episode, we see Malcolm approach a vehicle and said that a mutual friend thought they'd be able to help each other out. And before I even had a chance to try and predict who this mystery person could possibly be, the camera cut to Andy's face, who seemed more than ready to help take down Team Arrow.

The promo confirms that there will be a death by the end of next week's episode, so you can imagine how worried Diggle fans are now that we know his brother is working for the other side. Will it be a brother-to-brother Diggle showdown? Will Diggle be the one to end up in that grave? We have yet to see him in any of the flash forward, so it certainly seems possible. Suffice to say, you may want to have some tissues handy by the end of the hour.

Image: Dean Buscher/The CW