These Are The Positions Guys Love In Bed

While a lot of people talk about their favorite move or the best sex position for orgasm or intimacy—especially among women— there's often less talk about favorite positions for men. We kind of just act like they're ecstatic to be getting laid, no matter what the position. But Cosmopolitan decided to change that, and to get it right from the horse's mouth. They talk to men on the streets of New York City's Greenwich Village to find out exactly their favorite way to get down.

So what do we learn from their favorite positions? Firstly, that men look really awkward or silly when you randomly approach them on the street, stick a microphone in their face, and ask them their favorite sex position — but that probably isn't a surprise. It' the same look some of my friends get when I ask them overly personal questions in a completely inappropriate setting (which is often).

But in terms of positions, I learned that, by and large, men are lazy. Well, either their lazy or really like a view. Because, as far as I can tell they're pretty into the ladies doing all the work. (But let's be honest, it's a pretty amazing view.)

You can watch the video and see exactly what the fellas had to say:

Here are my favorites:

Hitting together

Hitting together? Sitting together? I'm not really sure what he's trying to say, and his hand motions aren't helping. But he seems happy with his decision.


Not only did he go with a classic, he looks like he's pondering on of the deepest, oldest questions known to humanity. Which he sort of is.

Heart You

You can't say "I'm partial to reverse cowgirl," and wear those sunglasses. You just— I can't handle it.

Depends On The Girl

He says it varies, but "Usually, like, her on top riding, I guess." You guess?! The greatest view in the world and you guess that's what you like?!

Smug AF

"I'm a big reverse cowgirl guy," he says, looking more pleased with himself than anyone has ever been about anything ever.

Doggy Style

I like him— he doesn't hesitate, he's not embarrassed, he just jumps in with the answer in his heart. And his heart says doggie style.


Of course, Mr. Smug is back with "And doggie style's always fun". We get it— you love f*cking. You don't need to say it with the insistence of a man trying to make sure we know you've had sex before. We get it.


It's an old faithful.

And We're Back

Another man who's into cowgirl. "That sh*t's mad lit," he says. Mad lit indeed, my friend. Mad lit indeed.

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