Beyonce's Ivy Park Line Has A Backstory

by Melodi Erdogan

The announcement of Ivy Park, the new athleisure clothing line co-founded by Beyonce, has provided fans and fashionistas alike with most of the details they need to get excited about these piece's. The website has the info on the launch date, where the items will be available, and even what will be in the range. But there's one thing that's still a little unclear: why is Beyonce's new line called Ivy Park?

While there hasn't been a formal explanation of what the name means, there are certainly a few clues provided by the official announcement video that could point to a backstory. Sure, it seems obvious to assume that the word "Ivy" could symbolize Beyonce's daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. But the promotional video on the line's website gives us some hints about the mysterious addition of "Park." Featuring clips and photos of Beyonce looking totally fabulous in her new wares, she explains what the term means to her.

Describing a scene when she was younger, Beyonce says in the clip that her father used to wake her up to run, and while she admitted that she would want to stop, she would push herself to continue. She explains that when she has to conquer things that she's afraid of, including going on stage and giving birth, she revisits the park.

If you were so excited about the Ivy Park news that you totally overlooked the video, have no fear! Check it out below, and try not to get too distracted by Beyonce's fabulousness.

"The park became a state of mind, the park became my strength, the park is what made me who I am. Where's your park?" the singer says. Sure, the "park" might be a physical place for Beyonce, perhaps near where she grew up in Houston, TX, but it can also be a state-of-mind, a philosophy, even a mantra.

And from what we know so far, that concept is certainly reflected in the brand's message, which is "strong beyond measure," according to the website. So while the "Ivy" part of Ivy Park's name is most likely a reference to Blue Ivy, the "park" part isn't as obvious.

While this is all speculation, there's no denying there's quite a connection! At the end of the day, there's probably a lot more to the name Ivy Park than one may expect. Sure, Beyonce revealed a bit for us to connect some dots. And there may be more revealed once Ivy Park is officially available to shop.

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Images: Ivy Park