9 Luke Theories For The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival

More Gilmore Girls is on its way, and, at this point, the fan theories are out of control. Not that I mind. While Rory's suspected new love interest may be the highlight of your Netflix revival fan theories, I've also got my sights set on yet another character that we have gotten to know during our seven season stay in Stars Hollow: Luke Danes. While I'm assuming that Luke is still working to fill the town's (or Lorelai's) morning coffee needs, his story certainly doesn't end there. In fact, a lot could have happened for him both personally and professionally in the past nine years since the show ended. Basically, the Gilmore Girls revival Luke predictions that fans have been making about everything from his future to his love life have made me even more excited for the show's return.

With Gilmore Girls ending the way it did, anything is possible for the town's grouchiest morning person. But, with so much time having passed, everything essentially is still up in the air when it comes to what Luke could have done and accomplished in that time. His ever-changing attitude definitely makes the waters for what may happen appear a little bit murkier. So, what can we expect from Luke? Here are some of the theories.

1. Luke And Lorelai Could Finally Be Getting Married

It seems like it's safe to say that there is a Stars Hollow wedding on the way. But is it for Luke and Lorelai? If these two aren't already married at this point, then I can totally see them tying the knot during the four episode seasonal mini-series. Not only would it be one of the biggest weddings in Stars Hollow town history, but it would also be the moment that fans definitely wouldn't want to miss. And, with the original series ended with these two happily in love, it only makes sense that things continued that way.

2. Luke Is Now Cooking At The Dragonfly Inn

Melissa McCarthy not returning as Sookie St. James is certainly throwing off the future of Lorelai's Dragonfly Inn. However, that's where Luke comes in. While I don't think Luke is ever going to necessarily leave the restaurant business, perhaps there is a chance that he could combine his diner with that of the Dragonfly Inn. That would allow him to not only stay closer to Lorelai and serve her fresh coffee all day (especially if they're still together), but it would also him to possibly expand his business.

3. Luke Could Be Dating Or Married To Someone Other Than Lorelai

At this point in the series, I think that the only way it is possible for Luke and Lorelai to not be together is if Luke got scared and backed out. Then, after their relationship was terminated, there is a change that he could have gotten back in the dating game with someone else. However, while this theory is possible, I do find it extremely unlikely. I don't think it's physically possible for Luke and Lorelai to both exist in Stars Hollow without being together.

4. Luke Could Be A Father Again

After meeting his long lost daughter, April Nardini, I'm not so sure I want to meet another long lost child of Luke's. However, if having a kid with Lorelai is still possible, I am totally down for Luke and Lorelai to give Rory a half-brother or half-sister.

5. Luke Could Have Officially Reconnected With His Nephew Jess

Jess is going to be back in town, and I'm really starting to get curious about what this means for the Uncle and Nephew duo. While things seemed to end on a positive note between the two — Jess genuinely thanked Luke for all he did in helping him — perhaps their adult relationship could be even better.

6. Luke Could Have Renovated The Diner

Considering how handy Luke is around town, do you really think that, after all these years, his diner still looks exactly the same? Probably not. These changes could be as simple as a new countertop and tables and chairs, or could be as complex as turning his upstairs apartment into a second floor for the diner while he moves somewhere else (like, say, in with Lorelai).

7. Luke Could Be Ready To Leave Stars Hollow

If things do end up on the rocks with Luke and Lorelai (even though I'm leaning towards marriage), then it could get awkward for the two of them to co-exist. And, perhaps, that will lead Luke to bring his diner somewhere else. Then again, that would be one crazy out-of-character move.

8. Luke Could Adopt Rory As His Own Daughter

Yes, I'm well aware of the fact that Rory is a full-fledged adult. But, considering how important Rory is to Lorelai, it would be a really sweet and emotional moment for him to legally acknowledge Rory as his daughter. You know, if he and Lorelai get married. Then again, if Rory does get back together with Luke's nephew Jess, that could make that situation a bit more weird.

9. Luke And Lorelai Live Together

Could you imagine these two extremely picky people setting their own needs aside so they can create a home with each other? Yep, it sounds straight-up hilarious. If they're married, have kids, or Luke is looking to move or expand his diner, then it only makes sense that their paths will cross in such a way. Let's just hope that it'll be something that brings them together more than it tears them apart.

All I know is that if there is a wedding in this new revival, there better be a rock on Lorelai's finger at some point throughout it all. Java Junkie forever.

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