How To Survive Going To Prom Alone When All Your Friends Have Dates

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Don’t have a date for prom, and wondering how the heck you’re going to get through the night? Honestly, you'll probably have a lot more fun, considering there's no pressure to entertain or impress someone you only kind of know, or even like. But, if your pals have already coupled up for the big night, you might be wondering how to survive going to prom alone when all of your friends have dates. Take a deep breath — you're going to have a blast.

Even if you decided to go to prom dateless this year, you still might feel a little awkward if all your friends are posing with their significant others or crushes for photos. Prom is that one night during high school that you feel like the world revolves around, but honestly, it’s going to be gone in the blink of an eye. Don’t let not having a date be the reason to miss out on this awesome experience.

In my opinion, going to prom by yourself is in fact the most genius way to experience prom. All I remember from my prom is awkwardly slow dancing with a guy who I ended up crying over later that night when he said he just wanted to be friends. Yuck. You are lucky to be skipping out on that hot mess of a night.

Relish the fact that this year, you've snagged the best date of them all — you — to hit up prom, and use this survival guide to rock prom like the boss you are. You’ll be a better, stronger, and happier person because of it.

1. Strut your stuff any way you please

No worrying about coordinating your look with your date, you can pick out whatever fabulous outfit you want. Plus you can really make an entrance at prom alone, just like all the movies you’ve seen. All eyes on me, please.

2. Mingle mingle mingle

You won’t be tied down by your date, so take the opportunity to hang out with whoever you want. You can flit between all your friend groups without having to worry about leaving someone behind, or getting stuck in a conversation you don’t want to have. Not having fun? Next!

3. Dance!

You can dance with whomever you want without upsetting your date, or you can just dance by yourself because you are awesome AF.

4. Do you

Be yourself, be funny, and embrace the fact that you are flying solo tonight. Dance, hit the buffet, flirt, and be your wacky self. You can do whatever you want. Your friends will be green with envy.

5. Take awesome selfies

Capture your awesomeness throughout the night while your friends are fixing up their makeup in the bathroom.

6. Leave whenever the heck you want

No one will be dragging you down saying they aren’t ready to leave when the prom starts to get lame. When you’re ready, bounce.

7. Say buh-bye to drama

What is it about prom that always seems to incite drama? Lucky for you, you don't have to deal with it this year, at least when it comes to getting rid of a clingy, annoying, or otherwise insufferable date.

8. Remember, it’s just one night with music and fancy clothes

You already spend all your time around these people every day — you don't need a dance to sum up your high school experience, or validate the relationships you've made in the last four years. This is just one night, so do whatever the heck you want to make sure it's as enjoyable and memorable as you want it to be. Go put on that fancy outfit, and rock it.

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