13 Struggles Of Having A Sister Who Is Eerily Similar To You

As a person who has been called all three of my siblings' names and the family dog's name before my actual human name, I'm no stranger to people confusing me with my family members. That being said, when you have a sister who is eerily similar to you, the situation can get hella worse, hella fast. For instance: I have two little sisters. The one that came immediately after me, though she is graceful, whip smart, fierce, and has an alarming amount of her sh*t together for her age, is very distinctly herself. Our mutual interests growing up were pretty much Charmed and each other, so although we're super close, nobody ever had trouble telling us apart. It's the punk kid who came after her that everyone confuses me for.

The thing about little sisters is that you're supposed to be super mad about them ~copy catting~ you, but my second sister didn't. She genuinely came out of the womb so eerily similar to me that it could not be helped. We have the same weird vocal inflections, we like the same weird dorky things, we have the same tastes and opinions and hobbies. In the words of our ancestors, "I can't even be mad, brah." I don't even know who's copying whom at this point. SISTER-CEPTION, GUYS. If you have a sister that you have an eerie amount in common with, then you'll understand all these #struggles far too well:

Nobody Ever Knew Which Of You Picked Up The Phone When You Were Kids

In your youth you had entire conversations with your neighbor, your aunt, with your own mother that ended with "OK, see you when I get home, Other Sister's Name!"

You End Up Accidentally Twinning In Public All The Time

You have occasionally pulled some unintentional "MK & Ash" moments on family vacations and mall outings when you didn't realize what the other one was wearing before it was too late for one of you to change.

... Or You End Up Getting Blackout Jealous At The Clothes They're Wearing

She looks stunning in it and you must have one right now so help you GOD.

You Have No Self-Control Whilst Movie Marathoning

Entire weekends of your life have been desecrated by your mutual love for movies and weird TV shows that nobody else in the family cares about. Is outside even there anymore? Beats you!

You Have Fights Over Who Was "Into" Something First

Odds are which one of you first started reading Harry Potter and told the other about it is a fight so ancient that your parents at one point put it on a Banned Dinner Topics list. And don't even START on who first heard about Hamilton.

You Only Ever Send Each Other Links That The Other One Has Already Seen

The internet seems decidedly less infinite when the two of you try to share anything with each other on it. She had already Powerpuff'd herself 16 times by the time you derpily forwarded the website to her.

Your Closets Are Basically The Wild West

Whichever one of you left for college first inevitably came back to a half-empty closet that was pillaged by the other one upon the moment of your departure. SO GLAD THAT YOU MISSED ME SO MUCH.

You Both Definitely Went Through A Brief ~Rebel~ Phase So You Wouldn't Be So Alike Anymore

For instance, mine involved some unfortunate "boho" wooden necklaces and pageboy hats. Hers was an unholy amount of glitter. (We survived into semi-adulthood, thanks for asking.)

You're Physically Incapable Of Lying To Each Other

Nobody calls you out on your crap faster than the person who has the exact same crap, in a slightly different size shoe.

You Respond To Your Parents Saying The Other One's Name As Quickly As You Respond To Your Own

Honestly, you get mixed up so often that it's just a timesaver.

At This Point, You Genuinely Have No Idea Who Is Copying Whom

It's impossible to play the blame game here. Your copying of each other is like a circle with no beginning.

You Are Jarred On The Rare Occasions You Disagree On Anything

If one of you is really into One Direction's new album and the other isn't, which one of you is broken??

But For All Your #Woes, At Least You've Got A Built-In Bestie 4 Lyfe

Which is cheating, really, because any and all sisters — regardless of whether they are in your weird hive mind, or actually, y'know, sane — are besties for life <3.