Here's What Glosses By Kylie Smell Like

by Kali Borovic

Another day, another hit for Kylie Jenner. In case you missed it, Jenner is finally expanding her Kylie Cosmetics brand to include more than just liquid lipsticks. Sticking with the lips yet again, Glosses by Kylie are the next big move for the social media star's company. Not only do they look fabulous, but they apparently smell pretty good too. What exactly do Glosses by Kylie smell like? Well, according to Jenner, she kept the fragrance sweet, just like with her Lip Kits.

The new Glosses were announced on Thursday with a mini movie, and quickly took social media by storm. Since the video dropped, people have been asking Jenner all kinds of questions on Twitter, and she actually found time out of her busy schedule to answer a few. While she's not giving away too many details about the launch, Jenner did mention that the new Glosses by Kylie smell like vanilla.

It might not be a huge piece of information, but smell of your lipstick is pretty important. Between her "Glosses" music video, the gorgeous swatches she's posted to social media, and the promise of a sweet scent, no wonder fans are chomping at the bit to get these glosses. If these are half as good as the Lip Kits, then it looks like Jenner will have another hit on her hands.

If you're looking for a comparison smell, odds are that the Lip Kits smell pretty similar. While many people say that the Lip Kits smell like candy or frosting, I'm willing to bet that the new lip products aren't so far off. After all, if it's not broken, then why fix it?

As far as the names of the nude hues go, they're a whole lot different than the Lip Kits. Instead of getting personal with her titles, she decided to go with a phrase that she uses all the time — like, literally, and so cute. Anyone who follows her on social media knows that she loves that phrase. I can practically hear her saying it whenever I read them.

The Glosses will go on sale sometime on April 1 on the Kylie Cosmetics site. There's no for sure time yet, but something tells me that the world is just a social media post away from finding out. Good luck getting your hands on the sweet-smell product!