14 Times Sam Hunt Was Just A Regular Dude (Just A Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking One)

Yes, I know that old cliché "Stars, they're just like us!" But let's be honest, more often than not, they are not, "just like us." For instance, I am not naming names *cough* Kylie Jenner *cough* but I can't just hire a private chef on a whim for him to make me my favorite Chinese food dish. (Though that'd be pretty awesome if I could.) But, once in a while, you do come across a celebrity who actually is down-to-earth. For instance, if his Instagram is any indication, country music star Sam Hunt is just a regular dude. A really, really ridiculously good looking regular dude, as my friend Derek Zoolander would say.

Sure, he has his fair share of photos from all of his touring gigs and yeah, there are even some glammed up red carpet ones. But that is a part of his life, just like all the other stuff. The important thing to note here is that a majority of his photos are just him hanging out and keeping things real in his downtime between performances, award shows, and touring. And, uh, looking fine while doing so.

Here are 14 pics from Hunt's Instagram that prove he's almost way too normal to be a celebrity. But, you know what? I'm not complaining. You know what I am complaining about? That time last summer I tailgated too long and missed Hunt's performance at a concert I was attending. No amount of champagne was worth that.

1. When He Tried To Make An Epic Slow-Mo Juggling Video, But Failed

You tried, Buddy. That's what counts.

2. When He Was Cheesin' With Friends In A Photo Booth At A Wedding

Professional wedding photos be damned.

3. When He Used His Downtime To Play Baseball

Life is not a photo shoot, Sam.

4. ...And Golf

So sporty.

5. ...And Football

I'm tired just thinking about all this physical activity. But hey, at least he's never bored.

6. When He Went Mardi Gras-ing

Did he just like, go in the middle of Bourbon Street? And did people not stampede towards him?

7. When He Defied Mom's Orders & Didn't Put On Snowpants In The Snow


8. When He Was Obsessed With His Cat

Lets see this relationship make it to the tabloids.

9. When He Was Obsessed With His Cat, Part 2

The weird angle is all about the cat. Try getting one to pose for longer than six seconds without scratching you. You can't.

10. Whenever He Posts Throwbacks Of His Cheesy '90s Family Photos

So stinkin' cute.

11. When He Ate Really Gross Food In Large Quantities After Midnight

What does "eat clean" mean again?

12. When He Kept Cool In A Blow Up Pool

Inground pools are for squares.

13. Whenever He Takes Low Quality Selfies With His Friends

Sure, it's blurry and dark but I admire the authenticity of it. I take selfies just as poorly (except, you know, I don't look that good in them).

14. When He, Wait For It, Actually Went To The Laundromat

Like, for real.

Oh, Sam. Never change.