Will The Kylie Lip Kits Be Restocked When Glosses Go On Sale? Here's The Definitive Answer

People just can’t get enough of these lip products. It’s not good enough that the glosses are launching. Oh no! Everyone’s also wanting to get their hands on some more of the originals. Practically the whole world is dying to know, will Kylie Lip Kits be restocked when the glosses go on sale? The truth is, no, not this time around. Kylie Jenner confirmed on Twitter that only the glosses will drop on the Kylie Cosmetics website on Apr. 1, so these three incredibly shiny shades are just going to have to do for now.

It’s a simple case of “if you give a mouse a cookie” as far as Jenner’s lip products are concerned. Apparently, new lip glosses just aren’t enough. Because why would you want to just shop “Like,” “Literally” and “So Cute” when you could also have “Kourt K?” I mean, I get it. These products are just too good to choose between them. When it comes down to it, people are just wanting to get in on the Lip Kit action in whatever way they can. And who could blame them?

Even though a restock’s not happening, I feel sure that the glosses will be a hit. Jenner’s been known to break the Internet, and I’d bet she’d do it again with these new glosses.

For those of you praying for a restock, just be patient. I mean, when has King Kylie ever let you down?

I love the matte lipsticks, but these rich glosses will definitely hold me over until the next restock.

Because there's no going wrong with a Jenner-approved lippie. No matter what it is.

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