Do The Kylie Lip Kit Glosses Come With Lipliners? We're Thinking No & Here's Why

Unless you're living under a rock, you've definitely heard about Kylie Jenner's new collection of lip glosses. The new product is a major departure for the reality-television-star-turned-cosmetics-guru. Her matte liquid lipstick and liner combos sell out in moments, but will the Kylie Lip Kit Glosses come with lipliners? My bet is on no, and there's proof to back it up.

Fans of Jenner have become accustomed to unexpected Snapchat or Instagram announcements of new shades of the star's Lip Kits. Whether it was the announcement of Kourt K or the appearance of Mary Jo K, each shade has seemed to be more popular than the last, and the social media response to the products has been kind of mindblowing. The reaction to the new Kylie Lip Kit glosses has been just as out of the world. Twitter practically imploded when Jenner's new music video launched on Thursday afternoon.

While the glosses have yet to be released — though they will be up for grabs on April 1 — they seem to differ from the Lip Kits in a few ways, and while the formulation is an obvious one, another is the fact that they don't seem to feature a lipliner. That's right, it seems as though the Kylie Lip Kit glosses won't have lip liner. Jenner with no liner? Impossible, right? Maybe not.

The main clue that Jenner's latest launch won't include liners? The fact that the packaging is so much smaller than the original Lip Kit. The original product from Kylie Cosmetics is about double the width of the gloss packaging as it needs to fit both the liquid lip and the liner. The gloss, though? Slim enough to only fit a single tube.

If that's the case, though, it does mean that the prices will probably drop for the gloss. If you were questioning spending $29 on a Lip Kit, the gloss is rumored to retail for around $20.

Kyle Jenner's new lip gloss may not seem like a major departure to some — it is a lip product after all — anyone who knows Jenner knows that mattes are her go to. Her choosing to go sans liner and rock a gloss are the perfect example of Jenner doing what her fans want, and I'd be willing to bet that they sell out faster than ever.

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