Is The 3 Pack Of Kylie Glosses Worth It?

There were a lot of first for the most recent Kylie Cosmetics launch. Not only was it the first time lip glosses were ever sold, it was also the first time different shades came bundled together. But, is the three pack of Kylie Glosses worth it? I mean, there wasn’t a price decrease for buying in bulk, after all. However, I’d still say that purchasing all three glosses together was a smart investment because that’s probably the only way to guarantee you’d actually get each and every one.

With so many people on the site at one time, the Kylie Cosmetics website has been known to crash and experience problems before, so having to add each of the shades to your cart individually could be a time consuming process that might not actually work out in the end. If you were obsessed with each of the three nude colored lippies (and who wasn’t?) then this bundled option was probably the best choice for you.

It was also a great marketing choice on Jenner’s end. More people are likely to buy all three shades if it’s easy to do, right? Absolutely. And if you were one of the lucky few who grabbed this three pack before it sold out, it’s likely the best $45 purchase you ever made. To everyone involved on the selling and purchasing end of things — job well done with this one.

I can't think of a good reason not to snag all of these at one time.

And if you did grab all of these lippies, this will be you very soon. Congrats!

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Image: kyliejenner/Instagram (1)