The Next Kylie Restock Might Surprise You

Do you ever find yourself thinking, "It's Kylie Jenner's world and we're just living in it"? Just me? Well, based on Friday's launch of the Kylie Glosses collection, I am confident that the young mogul is set to take over the world — at least with her successful beauty brand. Soon after Jenner's gloss colors sold out today, it seemed that fans were already lining up for the next Kylie Lip Kit restock that's is coming as early as next week, which Jenner herself confirmed on Twitter.

"Coming back with MATTES after the weekend!" she said. That's good, no GREAT, news for Lip Kit fans who missed out during one of the previous restocks. Even with Kylie Glosses doing so well today, the Lip Kit is still the company's flagship product. However, this is Jenner we're talking about and along with her team, the marketing behind Kylie Cosmetics has truly been flawless. It won't come as a surprise (maybe a little) if she decides to only release the matte liquid lipsticks during the next restock, or even start selling the Lip Kit items separately.

Why would Jenner even think about splitting up the Lip Kit, you might ask. One reason might be to lower the price point and sell the liquid lippies for the same price ($15) as the glosses, or even sell them as three-pack lipstick combos. Another would be to allow some customers to mix and match their Kylie Lip Kits by allowing them to purchase different lipsticks, whether matte or glossy, with different liners.

The matte liquid lipsticks definitely hold their own, even without the lip liners:

But the lip liners also stand out sans their Lip Kit mates:

I imagine the individual packaging for the aforementioned products will look similar to the Kylie Glosses line:

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Kylie Cosmetics, but I have a feeling that fans are in for lots more product releases in the coming weeks.