Why Did Drew And Her Husband Reportedly Split?

by Emily Lackey

Sad news out of Hollywood today. According to Page Six, Drew Barrymore and husband Will Kopelman may have split. (Bustle has reached out to Drew Barrymore's rep for comment but has not yet heard back.) And, assuming this isn’t some kind of April Fool’s joke, the announcement is definitely a surprising one. According to the report (which has been confirmed by People) the two have reportedly already separated and plan to divorce in the coming months. If you’re anything like me, this news comes rather suddenly — especially since the two are parents to two adorable daughters, Olive, 3, and Frankie, 2. So, why did Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman split, if this report is true? It turns out that the answer to that question is a little tricky to answer.

Because, for as public as Barrymore’s life has always been, when she married art consultant Kopelman, her life took a decidedly private turn. She still posted pictures to social media (and even recently wrote a collection of essays about her life and motherhood) — but when it came to her relationship with her husband, the actress kept relatively quiet. Aside from an interview that she did in InStyle, Barrymore hasn’t said much about life with Kopelman, but maybe it’s because that interview provided enough fodder for days.

In the interview, Barrymore said that, “Will struck a lot of [her] pragmatic sides. He was someone who was always reachable on the phone, someone who was a classy human being, someone who has this incredible blueprint of a family that I don’t have.”


Still, stability doesn’t always equate to lifelong love, but it’s an understandable attraction for someone like Barrymore who has been married previously. (She married bartender Jeremy Thomas in 1994 and Tom Green in 2001.)

And while neither Kopelman nor Barrymore’s reps have commented on the separation, it seems from social media that there may have been a strain for some time in their relationship. The last photo of her husband that Barrymore posted to her Instagram feed back was back in June 2015 on their anniversary. She captioned the post, “Happy anniversary Mr. Kopelman, cheers to you!”

But that isn’t the only social media sign Barrymore projected indicating that things between her and her husband were on shaky ground. One day before the announcement of their split, Barrymore posted a picture of her new tattoo: Her daughters’ names written on her wrist. But it was the caption that seemed to say it all: “Getting a great little lifetime note on my arm.” Was the actress hinting at the only form of lifetime love she has in her life these days?

So, while we may never know the real story, it’s still difficult to see such an illustrious couple possibly split. For the sake of their children and everyone else involved, I wish Barrymore and Kopelman the best during this difficult time.