Chris Hemsworth's Dramatic Reading Of Rihanna's "Work" Brings The Perfect Level of Drama — VIDEO

If you thought you'd had enough of celebrities doing dramatic readings of popular songs... well, first of all, who are you? Second of all, this might change your mind. Chris Hemsworth's dramatic reading of Rihanna's "Work" could possibly be best thing you've seen all week. Or, maybe all year, depending on how much you love Chris Hemsworth (no judgment). As he was making the rounds to promote his new film, The Hunstman: Winter's War, Hemsworth visited the U.K.'s Radio 1 Breakfast Show With Nick Grimshaw to give us all something we never knew we needed: That is, a deep, baritone reading of "Work."

This "celebrities reading lyrics" trend is one that I can't complain about. Remember when 13 A-list celebs read "Hotline Bling"? Or when 29 more celebs (including Octavia Spencer and Jon Hamm) came together for a reading of Justin Bieber's "Sorry"? I guess this cover of "Work" is just one more golden moment we can add to that ever growing list.

Hemsworth's reading is kind of like a Hamlet soliloquy meets your seventh grade drama teacher's onstage presence meets my wildest dreams. I'm still trying to wrap my around it, and honestly, it seems like Hemsworth is too. When the vibe in the room quickly turned into awe after the performance, Hemsworth joked to Grimshaw, “It drummed up a whole lot of feelings, emotions, and past experiences." (Same.) And then added in, “It makes you just want to get to work. Hear that, kids? Get a job.” While I don't think that's quite the intended meaning, can't blame a guy for wanting to spread the message of employment! Watch Hemsworth do his thing in the clip below.

BBC Radio 1 on YouTube

Rihanna's newest hit has been killin' it on the radio as of late, but personally, I would love to see this particular version get some air time. Perhaps they should start playing it at bars, restaurants, maybe even a Bar Mitzvah or two? At the very least it should be available to add on Spotify. I imagine it as the kind of jam that could get me amped for the day, or maybe something that could cure my insomnia. (Don't lie, it's very soothing.)

OK, all I'm saying is that this soon-to-be classic cover deserves some recognition. Who's with me?