All Of Beyonce's Past MTV Movie Awards Outfits Have Me Hoping She'll Show This Year — PHOTOS

After another insanely good Super Bowl performance and the release of her new single "Formation," it seems only fitting that Beyoncé would be attending any upcoming awards shows. While it has yet to be confirmed whether or not the star will be attending the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, I am thrilled at the prospect of seeing her rock the red carpet. So in anticipation of Queen Bey’s possible attendance, I drudged up all of her red carpet looks from previous MTV Movie Awards. From golden girl dresses, to goddess-like silhouettes, Yonce's red carpet evolution is an early 2000s dream.

While Beyoncé’s early years in Destiny’s Child might not have been her fashion high-point, she has definitely come a long way since then. Honestly, her red carpet flashbacks are hands down some of the best I have ever seen — her outfits being a testament to the trends of the times. That's right, Sley-oncé has been serving up major style since the early oughts, and it's making me realize just why the '00s are creeping back into fashion.

As a fan of anything and everything Beyoncé, I am partial to her attendance at the April 3 2016 MTV Movie Awards. As we transition into spring, I could use a little outfit inspiration. If you are looking for some Bey-worthy outfit inspo as well, scroll down to see her looks from MTV Movie Awards past.

1. 2001

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As was usual for the group, Destiny's Child was decked out in a matching ensemble to celebrate the 2001 show. The colors of choice seemed to be pastels, while the fabric of choice was some kind of sparkly lace.

Although all three women looked absolutely stunning and oh so early 2000s, Beyoncé stood out in a pretty, pink one-shouldered dress with her favorite '00s accessory: a flower in her hair.

2. 2001, Again

Chris Weeks/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Beyoncé circa 2001 wasn't much different from Beyoncé circa 2016, in that they both love a lot of sparkle. From performance outfits to red carpet dresses, you can always count on Bey to bring the glitz to any event — as well as a thigh-high slit.

The only difference is that a contemporary Queen Bey would probably rather rock a sky-high side pony than a flower on the red carpet.

4. 2003

Robert Mora/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Queen Bey has been known to sport a gold lame dress on many an occasion. While I can't imagine a 2016 Beyoncé in this laced-up and ripped hem version of a gold gown, it was by far one of the most popular styles of 2003. In fact, I think I have a pink version of it hiding in the back of my closet.

Although it might be a long shot, here's hoping that Beyoncé will give us some major outfit inspo at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards.

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