Amy Schumer & Lena Dunham Hit Up Rihanna's Concert & The FOMO Is Undeniable — PHOTOS

Just in case they weren't awesome enough on their own, Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham hang out, which may make them one of the most enviable friendship duos of all time. On Saturday night, Schumer and Dunham went to Rihanna's concert at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, along with the Girls star's boyfriend Jack Antonoff. Just even a glimpse at the photos and the FOMO is undeniable. Imagine being in the same venue, not only as Rihanna, but those two hilarious women. It sounds like a dream come true. Based on the pictures, it looks like they had a blast.

Not only did these ladies have fun, but they also had a run-in with a fellow funny person. Chris Rock was at the concert and they snapped a selfie. They were all about the pictures that night, since Dunham, Antonoff, and Schumer also posed with RiRi's back up singers. It's clear that Dunham enjoyed herself, since she later tweeted, "Quitting my job to follow Rihanna's Anti Tour like those weird dudes who travel with Phish." Now that sounds like a serious goal. It's also a testament to how great the concert must have been.

Since you're probably feeling as envious as I am right now, here's a round-up of Schumer and Dunham's photos from the show. Because it's not quite the same as seeing it firsthand, but it's definitely the next best thing.

Selfies On Selfies

Look at that blue lipstick! Dunham is making the "Work" singer proud.

Hanging With Rock

So many funny people in one photo.

Back-up Dancers Galore

Just like Dunham, Schumer had high praise for the show. Also, I'm digging the glasses. I wonder if they met RiRi herself, or just her backup dancers.

They may be huge celebrities themselves, but Dunham and Schumer prove that no one is immune to the power of Rihanna. Even Emmy-nominated actors fangirl over the Anti singer — and that's perfectly OK.