Starbucks' Sweet Receipt Offer Returns For A Limited Time Only, And It's A Yummy Way To Ring In Spring

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Looking for a mid-afternoon excuse to actually get up and *gasp* leave your desk this week? Starbucks has you covered. The Starbucks Sweet Receipt offer is back for a limited time only, and at the risk of sounding trite, I have to say it's a pretty sweet deal, in every sense of the word. Not sure what I'm talking about? Sit down, because you're about to get really excited.

The Starbucks Sweet Receipt offer is just about as simple as it gets, and doesn't require you to deviate from your normal, every day routine in the slightest. Just head over to your closest Starbucks in the morning to purchase your regular go-to drink (a grande Blonde Roast for me, please), and then, make sure you save your receipt. I repeat: make sure you save your receipt. Don't just toss it to the bottom of your bag where it gets lost in a bottomless pit of gum wrappers and bobby pins. Don't carelessly throw it away without thinking twice about it, or put it in your pocket and forget about it, because you're going to regret it later. Why? Because if you bring your morning receipt back to the store with you after 2 p.m. that same day, you get to pick out a Starbucks bakery item for only $1. Altogether now, for good measure: Make sure. You save. Your receipt.

Now that we settled that, let's get into specifics. The Sweet Receipt offer runs from April 5 through April 11 this week at participating Starbucks locations. The deal tends to pop up from time to time, but nobody ever knows when it's coming, so jump on this opportunity to pair your afternoon pick-me-up with a $1 chocolate chunk muffin or slice of marble cake loaf, both of which are new additions to the Starbucks bakery menu this spring. Feeling in the mood for something not quite so sweet? Check out the apple fritter, or cinnamon raisin bagel. Seriously, it's all a dollar. You have nothing to lose.

Starbucks also just announced that in honor of National Caramel Day on April 5, it's bringing back last summer's fan favorite the Caramel Cocoa Cluster Frappuccino between April 5 through April 11 — an opportunity I would definitely suggest using to your advantage. Pick up the CCC Frapp in the a.m., save your receipt, reap the benefits of ultra cheap treats later in the afternoon. Would you look at that? Starbucks just helped you win life this week.

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