Blac Chyna & Rob Could Be Getting Married Soon

In a love story that has packed more relationship angst into its early stages than an entire season of Laguna Beach, it appears that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are engaged. Yes, it seems sort of soon, but whatever. Who am I to judge? The two seem to be really happy together. But, with an engagement on the horizon, I'm curious (as I am sure you are, too) as to when Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are getting married.

Firstly, if you're skeptical of the engagement news, you aren't alone. I didn't believe it myself, even in light of a not-so-subtle Instagram picture of Chyna with a ring that looked to be of the engagement variety on her hand with the caption, "YES !...!...!" and with a telling paparazzi video the The New York Daily News shared of the two going along with the engagement frenzy and backing up the claim. It was really only Amber Rose's tweet saying, "Congratulations to my Family @blacchyna and @robkardashian!!!" full of engagement ring and heart eye emoji and that same picture from Chyna's Instagram that swayed me.

I mean, April Fools' Day already passed, so I think we're safe on this front. So, if the engagement is to be believed, when is the wedding? Well, if the rest of their relationship has set the pace for future endeavors, I think it's safe to say it is going to be sooner rather than later. Back in January, TMZ claimed that the two were "at least temporarily" living together. It's not such a stretch to make that shared life legally binding — and to do it soon.

But how soon will that be considering that this news is so fresh and there isn't much to go on? Well, think of it this way. Kardashian and Chyna started dating in early January 2016 according to Entertainment Tonight and here they are, engaged (!!!) in April. At this rate, we could see them walk down the aisle as soon as mid-summer. Perhaps a 4th of July weekend wedding? It'd fit in with their "every three months" major milestone marker. Just sayin'.