9 Tiny And Adorable Books You Need To Own

Everything is cuter when it's tiny. Tiny animals, tiny micro tattoos, tiny books — it doesn't get much cuter than tiny books and novels. Within these physically small books are massive stories that will forever hold a place in your heart. When you were a kid, I'm sure you had a few favorite small books you loved to carry around, so why should that change as we become adults? Whether they're filled with adorable illustrations, poetry, quotes, or neat facts, I can promise you that each and every tiny book is worth seeking out.

The best thing about small books is that you can keep them on you at all times. In your purse, in your pocket (if you don't happen to have ridiculously small women's jean pockets), in your backpack, or comfortably in your hand. You can take them with you when you're traveling, or even use them as decorative pieces on your office desk or coffee table. Measuring under seven inches, each of these small books I've listed below are ones that will make you smile, laugh, and grow from.

Perfect for weddings, birthdays, or even just a hey-I-got-you-something-special gift, here are nine incredibly adorable and fantastically written (or illustrated) tiny books you need to go out and get right now:

1. Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Collection by Joseph Gordon Levitt

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These books are some of my all time favorites, and not just because they're tiny. Each story has an adorable illustration, and while each one is short, they're all beautiful tales. These books are perfect to have on your desk as a decoration and quick entertainment. I love opening these books up whenever I'm in a rut or stressed out because they offer a quick little escape for a few minutes. These are also written by the massively talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt — so what are you waiting for?!

2. A Guide for Grown Ups by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Chances are, you already own a tiny version of The Little Prince from childhood (and if you don't, I'd recommend fixing that ASAP), but you might not own Saint-Exupéry's collection of wise quotes. While this book is another quick read, it does offer those heartwarming and thoughtful quotes to help you out in life. I adore this book with all my heart, and I think you will, too.

3. Soppy by Philippa Rice

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You know those relationship comics you're always sending to your significant other — or plan to send one day? This book contains all of those comics in a physical, tiny collection. These simple comics capture the mundane but sweet moments of love, and it's the perfect gift for your loved one. I gave this to a friend when she first fell in love, and the only thing I regret is not buying a copy for myself.

4. All My Friends Are Dead by Avery Monsen and Jory John

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This dark and hilarious book is one I first laughed at in high school and continue to open up every now and again to laugh at some more. It's adorable, sad, and awfully thought provoking in the strangest of ways. If you're looking for another cute and tiny book to add to your growing collection, make sure this one is front and center.

5. The Lover's Dictionary by David Levithan

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One of my wonderful roommates gave me this book years back, and my heart immediately fell for it within just a few pages. More than just a beautifully written love story, this is a story of a relationship told through in format of a dictionary. Each word represents part of the story, and as the alphabet and words go on, the story gets stronger and more complicated. David Levithan is a master of complex and honest relationship stories, and this one just happens to be tiny and adorable enough to fit in your purse.

6. Happiness Is... by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar

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Whenever you're going through a rough patch, it pays to have these sorts of little books around the house. With simple but cute illustrations, this book highlights those special little moments that we often forget to focus on while living our hectic lives. From the happiness that comes from blowing out candles to those rare times you get to see your hometown from a plane window, these moments will conjure up some of the happiest memories in your life.

7. The Little Book of Mindfulness by Dr Patrizia Collard

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Full of tiny mindful exercises, this book will help your stressful day become more peaceful and manageable. From noticing the little unique details on your morning commute to eating your meal with a smile on your face, these reminders will change your life in both tiny and massive ways.

8. 642 Tiny Things To Write About by San Francisco Writers' Grotto

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Whether you're an aspiring writer or not, this tiny book of things to write about helps in ginormous ways. Having a journal is beneficial to your mental health no matter what stage of life you're in, but it can be hard when you don't know what to write about. This book will pull out your creative side, and before you know it, you'll be coming up with little stories of your own to share.

9. How To Be Interesting In 10 Simple Steps by Jessica Hagy

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Have you ever gone to a party and stood in the corner, watching all of the interesting people mingle like it's their born natural talent, and wondered how you could become one of them? Jessica Hagy points out some easy and worthwhile ways you can become more interesting in her book, and it'll open your eyes to just how simple it is. All of those people don't have some talent you're missing out on; it's just about adapting to a new and more positive mindset and following some tiny pointers along the way.

Image: VeaVea/Stocksy