Who Are The Throne? The Uber Famous Duo Are Featured On Drake's "Pop Style"

Drake's new album Views From The 6 is due to be released imminently, and, on Tuesday, the musician gave us another taste of what his album will sound like by dropping two new songs. While neither of the new tracks, "Pop Style" and "One Dance," were included on the alleged track list for Views From The 6 , that doesn't mean the songs won't appear on Drake's new album. Many famous collaborators have worked on Drake's new record, according to reports, including Beyoncé, Popcaan, Justin Bieber, and Future, and new track "Pop Style" features The Throne. But who are The Throne, and how does Drake know them?

As many of you likely know already, The Throne consists of Jay Z and Kanye West. The super famous pair first worked together when they collaborated on 2011 album Watch The Throne, and this is where they've drawn their name from. "Pop Style" is an exciting collaboration for Drake to feature on his album, and having all three artists together on one track is a little bit magical. It looks as though Views From The 6 is going to showcase just how influential Drake is, and how many famous people are jumping at the chance to work with him on new music.

Describing Drake's "Pop Style", Consequence of Sound said, "Against a sparse yet growling backdrop, Drake can be heard reflecting on heartlessness and distrust, while Yeezy makes references to The Life of Pablo as well as that infamous moment at the VMAs ('Jay about his business, and I’mma let you finish but…')." There's certainly a lot of personality in "Pop Style," which is exactly what you'd expect from such a high profile collaboration between Jay Z, Kanye West, and Drake.

As longtime friends, it makes sense that Jay Z and Kanye West would continue to work together. The fact that they're using the moniker The Throne to describe their partnership now makes me hopeful that there will be many more collaborations featuring the duo in the near future.