Will 'Views From The 6' Include These Leaked Drake Songs? At This Point, Anything Is Possible

After what's felt like century upon century, Drake's upcoming album Views From The 6, remains elusive. The album is supposedly intended fo release in late 2015 — but, that timeframe is still ridicuously vague, especially if you're a diehard Drake fan who's been counting down the days since the rapper's most recent mixtape, If You're Reading This It's Too Late , was released in February. Considering the wait for Views has been so long, I've been left with ample time to wonder about and come up with theories regarding Views— like, what songs will it include? And since Drake did release a lot of new tracks on that aforementioned mixtape, I have to wonder: Could we have already heard some of the new songs from Views From The 6? As in — will the album include the handful of Drake songs that have leaked in the past year?

It's not a crazy thought: After all, a few new Drake songs, featuring a variety of guests who would definitely not be out of place on an album of his, surfaced recently, and I refuse to believe they just came out of nowhere: They are, for the record: "Can I ft. Béyoncé", "Tryna F**k" (which was actually released as a Juicy J song), "On a Wave, feat. Tinashe" and "Go Out Tonight." Though there's no indication if they actually will be on Views, there's no indication they won't be... see where I'm going with this?

Since we Drake fans really have nothing to do but wait for the rapper to release Views, we might as well have fun and come up with crazy theories about it while we do. Here are a few of those Drake songs that leaked, but haven't appeared on any of his albums yet.

"Call On Me"

arunaldo on YouTube

He only performed this one live on tour in 2014, but the moodiness of the song would definitely fit in with the direction Views seems to be taking.

"How About Now"

Drake released this song to promote Views From The 6 , because, at the time, it had already leaked anyway thanks to what Drake described as "hackers." So, it's totally possible he could include it.

"Heat of the Moment"

23Fulton on YouTube

This track was another released in response to "hackers" (the third was "6 God," which was on If You're Reading This...), and it's slow and wonderful.

"2 On/Thotful"

This song took over the Internet when it dropped, because it's great — but it could also be too well known to include.

"Draft Day"

This lyrically awesome track was another one of the songs Drake released himself.

"Days In The East"

This was another leak from Drake himself, with more of a club vibe.

Is it time for Views to come out yet?