7 Podcasts To Make You Feel Hopeful About Love

by Kaitlyn Wylde

During my last break up, podcasts about love totally saved my life. When my thoughts felt obsessive and intrusive and my mood was perpetually dark, the pleasantly distracting sound of a stranger's story in my ear was bliss. I spent months listening to story after story — leaving as little time as possible for my mind to wander. And while the stories might have been distracting my thoughts from running back to the relationship, they weren't distracting me from moving on.

What I've learned is that one of the best ways to feel better, is to remember that we all have the same feelings and find comfort in that fact. Though it might seem like no one's ever been hurt like you have and no one's every felt love like yours, they have. It's helpful to learn about other people's relationships and hear other people's struggles and triumphs in the love department because you're forced to realize how resilient we are and how regenerative our hearts can be.

So if you're going through a break up or if you've lost hope in your love life and are looking to get your head back in the game, listen to other people talk about their relationships and get inspired. These are the best podcasts to listen to if you're looking to refill your love tank.

Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage is a sex and love columnist who hosts this call-in podcast where listeners ask his valuable advice. He's honest, he's to the point, and he's wildly knowledgeable.

Modern Love

A spin-off from the famous New York Times column of the same title, this podcast is hosted by a different celebrity each week who reads their favorite Modern Love essay. Then, the host and the author of the story chat about all things love and the story's inception.

Anna Farris Is Unqualified

It's exactly what it sounds like but better. Anna and her quirky Hollyweird friends dole out love advice with an optimistic and hearty twist. Expect to laugh. Expect to be surprised by her guests. Expect to feel good about love.

The Heart

This is a very special show — it puts the humanity in love. Learn about the complex inner workings of the heart and human nature. Be inspired and leave each episode a little wiser.

Dear Sugar

The legendary and wild Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond answer questions and riff on love. All the answers you didn't know you were looking for will surface on this candid and smart show.

I Do

The goal of this show is to encourage healthy happy relationships. Listen for advice on how to get to a good place in a relationship you're struggling with, or listen for some perspective on how difficult everyone's relationships are.


This podcast isn't specifically about love, it's a storytelling platform for people to read their diaries from childhood. But what children tend to journal about is love. Y'know, the mind-bending heartbreak and the soul-shaking desire you feel when you're young enough to feel what you're feeling. It's nice to be reminded that the things that once mattered so much to you, can become a faint picture of the past. This is a show that reminds people of that resilience.

Images: Courtesy of Podcasts