Fanfic Predicts Rory Gilmore's Future Boyfriend

by Caitlyn Callegari

What’s the best way to settle an old 'shipping score? One that’s based merely on taste and opinion and absolutely nothing concrete? Well, you go along with the old standby of course — majority rules. Sure, there have been a few popular fictional couples that I simply didn’t “get” but, more often than not, there’s a craze behind a 'ship for a reason. The best way to gauge not only a 'ship’s popularity, but passion behind it? The amount of fan fiction there is on it. You aren't going to sit there and read or write a 57 chapter story on a couple you're lukewarm about. So, let’s apply this logic to Gilmore Girls and take a look at who Rory should be with on Gilmore Girls based on the amount of fanfiction that is written about her and a specific love interest.

I mean, I knew who would win this battle in my mind before I even did the research, but what I didn’t anticipate was the unpopularity of a certain 'ship in particular. And, the popularity of another I would have never even given a second glance. We’re interesting creatures, us humans, that’s for sure. You’ll see what I’m talking about once you take a look below.

Here is who Rory should be with based on the amount of fan fiction written about her and specific love interests.

4. Rory And Dean

Number of fics they occur in together: 163Specific pairing: 4

In a shocking turn of events, Rory and Dean came in dead last out of Rory's four notable 'ships. While I was always adamant that Rory and Dean were only meant to be a first love type of temporary couple, they were, in their own way, totally epic. I'm actually a bit sad. I thought there was more active support behind this couple. I suppose we all want to leave our high school sweethearts in the past — and Rory's, too.

3. Rory And Tristan

Number of fics they occur in together: 1.2k

Specific pairing: 17

Color me... surprised? I had honestly forgotten Tristan even existed for awhile there, but it looks like 1.2 thousand stories with him as a major player in Rory'a life say differently. Perhaps it's the power of Chad Michael Murray that made this 'ship more than it was in people's imaginations? Or maybe it was the potential there that inspired.

2. Rory And Logan

Number of fics they occur in together: 1.6kSpecific pairing: 45

To be fair, Rory and Logan came in at a strong second. Sure, they barely touched Rory and Jess's numbers, but they did blow the other two "losing 'ships" out of the water. If Jess isn't an option in the revival, all bets are on these two.

1. Rory And Jess

Number of fics they occur in together: 2.9kSpecific pairing: 104

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Rory and Jess dominated in both categories. I mean, not to brag or anything, but, in terms of "number of fics they occurred in together," they're 1.3 thousand above the second place 'ship, and, in terms of "specific pairing," they're 59 above. This is my preferred 'ship, and I just knew they'd clench the title.

Fellow Rory and Jess 'shippers, you have been validated in your support and reluctance to let go. Go forth and spread this information to the Gilmore Girl masses. Bask in it.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy; lookatthelights, gilmored (2)/Tumblr